WHERE DID I GO? I was busy completing assignments for a course and it took forever. After graduating for 2 years I find it almost impossible to study again. I didn’t even buy the textbook for this course which indicates how lazy I am. Anyhow it has been freezing in Toronto lately and I just come home watching Youtube (specifically gaming videos). I started playing Dragon Age Inquisition and I am hooked. Too bad the game belongs to my boyfriend.

Kyoto House Japanese Restaurant
(416) 585-2223
143 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M5G
Downtown Core

Short walk from Eaton’s Centre. If you don’t want to walk, taking the street car is your second option.

Pretty standard asian service. They gave us a small table for 2 and when we asked for a bigger one they said no lol. My friend attempted to reason with them and finally they gave in. I would say that my friend has some great bargaining skills. The service here is better than most AYCE sushi restaurants because they collect dishes very quickly and actually remember our orders. Not bad for an asian place.

wpid-wp-1425265343530.jpeg wpid-wp-1425265363895.jpeg wpid-wp-1425265355924.jpeg wpid-wp-1425265350583.jpeg

AYCE restaurants offer a lot of variety and fills you up quickly. Kyoto House has one of the smallest menus that I have seen but their sushi is pretty good. First off, the rice is not falling off and their sashimi is fresh. I would say that the pieces could be cut smaller but that’s a minor detail. Their grilled selection is super tiny but a few items really caught my attention, including the salmon and ribs. Just so you guys know we paid $19.99 on a Thursday night which is significantly cheaper than the prices in Scarborough/Markham/Richmond Hill. I won’t lie, this place is average at best but they aren’t exactly ripping you off.

wpid-wp-1425265336969.jpeg wpid-wp-1425265331344.jpeg wpid-wp-1425265326336.jpeg wpid-wp-1425265320623.jpeg wpid-wp-1425265313985.jpeg wpid-wp-1425265191060.jpeg

My rating: 7.5/10
Others would rate it as: 7.0/10

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