I’m more of a meat person so venturing into the world of veggie food is not my thing. However, I have been wondering why there are so many people outside this “Fresh” restaurant so my friend tagged along to give me some introductions.

Fresh By Juice For Life
(416) 531-2635
326 Bloor St W Toronto, ON M5S2R7

It is pretty close to St. George subway station and as many of you know, this is UofT student territory lols. Anyhow it is SO busy, so prepare to wait in line around lunch time.

It is difficult to describe this place in a few sentences. To begin, I wouldn’t rate their service because it is almost irrelevant. I mean yes, it is important that they get your order and deliver food promptly but it’s a quick-paced restaurant where people are mainly coming for the food. You are usually seated in a very small space so I can’t see why anyone would want to stay for a long period of time. It is a really casual environment that works well for those who want to get in and get out.

Now I will point out what others have said in case you don’t know.  In some reviews, customers have complained about the lack of service and pointed out some servers as being rude. I did not experience this but yes, we did have trouble locating our server when we wanted to pay.  Maybe we just didn’t care but it was funny that others have noted the servers to be mostly “hipsters”.  Thought I would give you readers an insight of what Yelp reviewers are feeling.


Since I came here for lunch, my friend and I didn’t order much.


Quinoa onion rings $6.50 (hand-crafted, coated with breadcrumbs & puffed quinoa)
What the hell is this wonderful thing?  I’m sure all of you love onion rings but you are totally missing out if you have never tried Quinoa-made onion rings.  These rings are HUGE and although they are made from quinoa, the taste isn’t too different.  It is like the best thing I’ve eaten all week.  It comes out fresh and warm, just the way I like it.  Don’t forget to dip them in the sauce.


Thai burger $11 (thai peanut sauce, tomato, lettuce, green onions, bean sprouts & cilantro)
Not many people know this but peanut butter adds a special kick to hamburgers.  If you go to chains like The Works, it is something that they recommend to all the first-timers.  In fact, peanut butter is frequently paired on veggie burgers.  I was really not into the bun and I can’t exactly explain why, so I only ate 1/4 of it.  It’s more hard than soft and perhaps I am just too used to white bread.  This item is available bunless, so you can actually ask for it salad style.

Rating: 8.3/10
It is probably worth: 8.6/10

Fresh By Juice For Life on Urbanspoon


I will need to come back in the near future but for now I will say good food but a little pricey.


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