In the past year I went to Shangri-La 2 times within one month. Usually I’m quite happy to be attending weddings but dude it gets boring when they are held in the same venue – SAME hall. Anyhow let’s dive into the pros and cons of Shangri-La.

Shangri-La Banquet Hall
(905) 475-6571
50 Esna Park Drive Markham, ON L3R2S1

Just to clarify, I never went here for dim sum.

Hidden in the middle of nowhere we find ourselves in a tiny section of Markham. There really is nothing around this restaurant but I guess that’s good because it’s not too busy/loud. Plenty of parking space so don’t fret. The only problem with this area is that the Banquet Hall looks shady as hell from the outside. It is like some brick building with no fantastic aura beaming around it. The interior is like a 180 spin – it does look quite good.

Shangri-La did an awesome job with entertaining the guests.  I mean with all that money going into the planning and booking I doubt staff would be assholes. Anyhow, this place has servers bringing out the food trays like it was the opening of an epic Chinese film. They would be roaming around the different tables and eventually gather in the middle while martial arts-like Asian music is playing. At the height of this, the servers give everyone a bow like everyone is the boss. I found this performance quite surprising and always wanted to eat right after. Cause really, I am queen lols. Just so you know, the prep rooms for the bride and bridal party is shit. It looks like an abandoned bathroom from some high school with a make-do couch and a mirror. Generally everything works but it doesn’t look gorgeous at all. Talk about being locked up in that little room right before your big night lols.







This is traditional Chinese food we are talking about, so it’s no 3 course meal…this is the 10 course meal lols. I wasn’t able to take pictures of everything but you can expect to be super filled. Everything tasted fine in my standards – not terrific – but satisfactory. I was really disappointed with the noodle or rice dish that usually comes near the end, it just didn’t taste like anything. The dessert was pretty good if you still have room for it – most people did not. Everything else came out when they were hot and ready so no complaints. In general the bridal party gets food placed on fancier dishes but heck, I had no time to eat when I was a bridesmaid.







Shangri-La is pretty good for your average-sized wedding. The hall we were in houses 10-20 tables from what I remember which is like 100-200 guests. I really adore the backdrop behind the bridal party because it is filled with gigantic roses or petals. Depending on your colour theme, the room can accommodate special lighting effects. It is too bad that Toronto does not have too many Chinese banquet halls to choose from though Shangri-La proves to be pretty good for this type of cuisine. Contrary to my restaurant reviews, this one won’t receive any grading. I feel that weddings are held on a different level and the banquet hall alone doesn’t determine the experience.

Shangri-La Banquet Hall on Urbanspoon


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