Believe it or not I’ll bombard all of you with reviews today. Honestly you guys must be sick of my excuses since I’ve be on hiatus for like 1-2 weeks. I took a new course downtown and have assignments to do so it has been tough. Winterlicious is coming up, did any of you make reservations yet?

YOKOZUNA Japanese Ramen Inc.
(416) 293-9123
633 Silver Star Blvd

I just want to mention that this plaza’s parking is a cluster fuck. You are better off carpooling and for some, you might want to park where No Frills is (not even sure if that is legal). Anyhow, other than parking it is located quite close to Pacific Mall.

The restaurant is small so you don’t need to worry about bad service. They will definitely see you when your hand is up requesting for help. I didn’t experience superior service but average and okay in my standard.



Forewarning everyone here that the bowls are gigantic. I’m gonna throw it out there that 1 entree and 1 appetizer would suffice for 2 individuals. I did see my male friends engulfing a whole bowl of ramen but it will fill you up, no joke. There are many ramen soup bases to choose from and generally they taste alright. I’m wary about the amount of salt and oil they put in but they don’t go overboard like Ajisen Ramen *cough cough*.  After dinner you can get some bubble tea or dessert as the plaza offers different cuisines.




My rating: 7.5/10
Others would rate it as: 7.8/10

YOKOZUNA Japanese Ramen Inc. on Urbanspoon

Pretty standard ramen place with no surprises or major complaints. I would say that this restaurant is a good choice if you are around the area but definitely does not offer anything new or exciting.


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