This is true for most asians but we drink BBT like our lives depended on it. Can we tell when a BBT is bad? Yes. Can we tell when a BBT is good? Yes. But what if they were about the same?

Gong Cha Tea
(905) 604-9323
3636 Steeles Ave E Markham, ON L3R1K9

Gong Cha faces the Steeles side of the plaza but let’s be honest here, just park anywhere. You are going to kill yourself if you want a good parking spot in that crammed up place.

It’s just slow. There were only a few customers but the servers were working like turtles. But as we all know, this place opened up recently. Perhaps they will improve with time or never lols.



I can tell you right away if a bubble tea sucks based on how much powder I can taste. Gong Cha does not make that mistake but damn it, how much foam did they make? LOL. The drink is very refreshing and the taste is mild. I can tell they are taking a different approach from Cha Time and aims for something more subtle. I think it tastes okay but I’m not sure about sucking in foam half of the time. I understand lots of people like Gong Cha but it may not be my cup of “tea”. You can use that rewards card on here and collect points but meh, who cares. I’m not drinking 10 bubble tea in a month. I might have to come back and try another drink before I can make my final verdict. It is definitely a contender for today’s bubble tea business and will develop a fan base but for me, I’ll continue to explore around.



My rating: 7.8/10
It may be worth: 8.1/10

Gong Cha Tea on Urbanspoon


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