Is life too short? Since the start of 2015 I have not committed to any of my new year’s resolutions. Is it because I don’t believe in them or I feel that 2016 could be the “next” year to do them? I have found ways to control my anxiety though things are never perfect. I often wonder what my life would be like if I did not worry as much. Do I need to check over everything I did? Is it normal? Definitely not. When I think about my life in high school or even in elementary school, I start to admire my younger more naive self. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. And then I go watch old classic J-pop videos…and wow I YouTube Ayumi Hamasaki (tears)

FYI: Ayumi Hamasaki is the queen of Jpop, at least 10 years ago. I still love all her songs but haven’t been following her as much.

Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar
(416) 597-8838
382 Yonge St Unit #7 Toronto, ON M5B1S8

*Did someone use a white-out and totally change the layout to Urbanspoon? LOL, it looks so empty.

The restaurant is usually quite busy but for a Monday night it was okay. Our waitress was quite friendly and asked us how we were doing throughout the night. No flaws in my perspective.

I just really don’t like high chairs. I’m already short so I do not appreciate having my legs dangling in the air lols. Anyhow, the major issue is that I cannot adjust my chair as easily – they do however kind of swivel. The place is dimly lighted but certain areas are brighter which makes food selfies a little easier. They have plenty of plates in the middle because it’s a restaurant where large groups can come to share appetizers. For those who don’t know, the restaurant is a bit hidden – right beside Reds Tavern. If you have problems finding it, don’t hesitate to give them a call. On a busy night, you can expect to wait at least 1 hour (but there is a Starbucks right across). The only thing I really disliked was the bathroom’s location. Why is it upstairs? Anyhow it’s a minor issue.


HOW CAN I BE PAYING THIS PRICE FOR SUCH GOOD FOOD? Hands down, this is not what you expect. First of all, the prices are quite fair based on their quality and portions. We ordered 2 appetizers and a main – fully stuffed, and my boyfriend had to do take-out bag lols. The pizza is super big and everyone becomes wow’ed by their special scissors. The crust is not thin but the content is fabulous! Anyhow you cannot go wrong and trust me, two cannot finish this monster. We move on to the charity bread which is at an all low of $3-4. Basically if you have heard of blooming bread – this is the baby version. Filled with scrumptious amounts of garlic and probably butter, you are eating a very tasty piece of bread lols. We move on to the second appetizer which is the spinach and artichoke dip priced at $12 ish. I effing love crostini so when they paired this with the dip – heaven help me lols. The dip is given in a generous amount and yum, warm! Needless to say, we were impressed! As for the drinks we ordered, beer is beer lol but my caesar tasted a bit different. First of all they give you a surprise snack at the top but this drink is mixed with horse radish – neat? It actually tasted more like oyster than a classic caesar drink but still not bad. I think the best caesar I had was in a Yelp tasting event and at a wedding.




My Rating: 8.4/10
It Deserves: 8.6/10

Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar on Urbanspoon


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