Readers, do not panic. I’m not going to turn this blog into some big rant about my life but it’s 2015 and I feel the need to do some intros. For those of you who are new…welcome to my food/life blog. Long long time ago I did write daily posts about bullshit but nowadays it is more practical. You will see that this is a blog based on restaurant reviews and 10% my personal complaints. I am still a girl who is young at heart and dreaming big. So here is a little bit about me and other updates about the blog.

Dream: Become a celebrity (singing)
Realistic dream: Make the salary of a manager but not be one lols (still not very achievable)

Love life: Get married before I am 30
Realistic love achievement: Don’t freak out and end a relationship because of commitment issues

Blog goals: Write a post everyday
Realistic goal: Write at least 2 posts every week lols

Improvements for personal self: Build a set of skills to reduce anxiety and actually implement them -> possibly achievable

(Taken in Vancouver 2013, courtesy of my S3)

I used to actually photoshop some posters or banners to celebrate big changes but meh. Lazy. I do wish to post more but I value friendships and have been going out more than usual. In other words I’m poor now. When I come home I really want to watch my anime, fate/stay unlimited has ended and I am sad. The other anime I was watching called Amagi Brilliant Park was crazy and it ended with a boom lols. I love anime, such a geek. As for movies, I have been watching the Bourne series and loving Matt Damon. Just yesterday I was out eating dinner with my boyfriend and saw this really cute guy sitting behind him. Instead of taking pictures of my boyfriend I started capturing images of “that guy”, unfortunately I never got a shot of his full face but mmmmmm lol.

Anyhow hope everyone has started on their 2015 resolutions, I have already failed a lot of mine (e.g. not going to the gym). I don’t know how people are so committed. I will see everyone again in a few days with my new restaurant posts =)


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