Hi readers, I believe I’m a little late in saying Merry Christmas but yes I have been enjoying life the last few days. Other than working on Christmas day, I have been well lols. I was quite happy that my hospital offered free lunches to staff who worked on December 25…there is hope in humanity lol. Anyhow my boyfriend and I hosted a holiday party over the weekend and damn the food was DELICIOUS.

This is only 50% of what we had, I made the caesar salad too.

Yes folks, I made the mac & cheese.

What is interesting?  What types of food are actually popular in a pot luck, that is our topic for today.  Depending on the variety, this will change with each party.  Typically ‘greens’ are the least liked because everyone wants to pig out during the holidays.  I swear that my salads are amazing especially when everything is made from scratch.  I made the sauce AND the effing croutons.  Exactly, skill right there.  My mac & cheese was super expensive to make (mainly because of the cheese) but it was a big hit.  I had no idea my entree would be so popular but I do admit it was yummy.

Other foods I recommend people to bring:
– Turkey leg
– Sushi (you cannot go wrong)
– Pasta (though people usually don’t eat too much of it)
– Cocktail shrimp (an excellent choice)
– Apple pie

So those were the types of food present in our party which I would recommend again.  Obviously drinks and snacks are a must.  Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday as well since I can’t get a frigg’n break.  I’m still working (cries).  I know a lot of you come to read my restaurant reviews but I’ll try my best to update frequently even if it’s about the mundane things in life…well my life lols.


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