Dragon Age Origins is a fucking long game or I just suck. And yes I’m even looking online for answers when I get stuck. If I don’t use a walkthrough I would be playing this game 100+ hours because that is how many side quests there are! I mean it’s pretty obvious where the main missions are but I DO NOT want to get lost lol. Anyhow my computer unexpectedly shut down by itself today and has led me to think…it sucks lol. Unfortunately I don’t know what happened. Cue in panic attack =.=

Mama Bear Taiwanese Cuisine
(905) 597-7770
324 Hwy 7 E, Unit 7 Richmond Hill, ON L4B1A6

Somethings needs to be said for small restaurants; the staff are usually friendlier and service is probably faster. This is what one would experience at Mama Bear. The restaurant can house maybe 15 tables but food comes out relatively quick and you can feel the warmth of each waiter/waitress. We were seated in the middle section (which did not give us much space) and were offered the booth area once a family left. That to me is superior service – they could have offered it to the next group (which could be a family of 3) instead of us (party of 2). Anyhow the staff also refilled our tea without being asked and even left us the tea pot afterwards. That is one thing about Asian restaurants that I like – just give us the damn bottle/jug and we will do it ourselves.

Parking is a bitch, no doubt. You better come early.

This place is catered towards young adults to teenagers but they offer some unique Taiwanese food. I saw the oyster pancake which is apparently quite popular in Taiwanese Food Festivals. Prices for entrees hover around$8-11 which is fair, appetizers are like $4-9. Frankly speaking, an appetizer is not required for a party of 2 because I felt quite full afterwards. Food is quite average but the noodles are a must try. Let me go through the details.

Deep fried pork chop with noodle
The meat is good (crunchy outside) because it’s not too salty.  Now the soup base is rather weak but the two complements each other.

Beef with thin noodle
You actually get to choose between different noodle types but I like it thin baby.  The soup base is strong and tasty (good in my standards).  The noodles are slurpy delicious but the meat is a big fat fail.  I’ve never had beef fail so bad that I stopped eating it halfway.  You almost got it MAMA bear..no not really actually lol.

Scallion pancake (pictured at half the quantity – we ate the rest)
Though this appetizer isn’t bad, it is nowhere amazing (taste is forgettable and those sesame seeds are not necessary lol).  I’ve had better in places like the dumpling house.

To put this restaurant into perspective, it is perfect for those who are on a budget and want “okay” food.  It really is nice to eat here because the staff are friendly.  They are accommodating and will take the time to go over the menu (girl tried to describe the different noodle types).  I see that the restaurant puts a lot of effort and heart into their job and it is something rare in today’s generation.  I wish to see more improvement in this restaurant (specifically the food aspect) because they have the energy to drive it high.

My Rating: 7.5/10
Other people might give it: 8.0/10

Mama Bear Taiwanese Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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