I have been going out on weeknights and those events totally drain me.  Anyhow the weather has been fluctuating in Toronto and I never know what to wear.  I have colleagues making fun of my Canada Goose but fuck them, it’s warm lols.  Did you know that there ARE brands that cost more than Canada Goose?  I know, why do people have so much money right.  I swear Moose Knuckles is quite similar, Parajumpers is stylish, and then there is Mackage…BALLER!

Salad King
(416) 593-0333
340 Yonge St Toronto, ON M5G1H1

It used to be around the corner where Ryerson is but since the fire, it is now hidden in the second/third floor of a building. Just walk north from Eatons and you will see the sign Salad King right before you hit Elm Street. Otherwise, just use google maps.

They are super fast, and I love how they refill my water. Gosh, you don’t know how difficult it is to have a restaurant that regularly refills your water without being asked. They function like a fast food chain, zoom zoom baby.

They have some signature dishes and behold, even a secret menu (reminds me of Starbucks). Before you order, make sure to look on the right (or maybe left) of their paper menu. It will list the level of spiciness – beginning with medium and gradually increasing with the number of peppers. I typically don’t go more than 1 pepper but if you like adventure, please try it out yourself.


Golden Curry with Chicken
They have 3 different types of curry, with golden curry being their best seller. Now at medium spicy level, it tastes more sweet than hot. I think that’s due to the coconut milk and my dad experienced a sour taste as well. I say it’s a safe way to go and I love how they stack their rice into a pyramid shape lols.


Thai Noodle Soup
Average at best, this thing tasted so bland. It’s not one of their signature dishes – though it didn’t taste horrible, I would move on. You could do a better job cooking at home.


Seafood Fried Rice
I have a feeling that portion sizes have shrunk but the quality is still top notch. Finally, rice that tastes good and doesn’t crumble. Furthermore, they add lots of seasoning to the rice and their squid is mmm yummy. Not too chewy, not too soft. This is one dish I always go back to when I visit Salad King.

Not a bad restaurant for Thai food and the prices are fair. I really hate sitting where the long tables are because frankly, where the hell am I going to put my big jacket and purse? Other than that, the restaurant is quite consistent with their quality though it is nothing to praise about.

My rating: 7.7/10
It probably deserves: 7.5/10

Salad King on Urbanspoon


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