I really should not be starting my LA trip with this post but meh, everyone should be celebrating that I’m doing 2 entries in 1 day lols.  Oh gosh…I’m listening to my favourite song right now (Time to Love – T-Ara & Supernova) but let’s not get away from the topic.  For those of you who don’t know, I went on a 2 week trip in September and came back without even documenting my travel fun times lols.

Who is Conan O’Brien
He is frigg’n 51, damn he looks pretty good for his age.  Conan is an american television host and is best known for his dry humour which others may describe as awkward.  You can search for him with the keywords “team coco” on Youtube and subscribe or just watch a few videos lol.

My Impression
I started to fall for Conan after his Chinese takeout videos.  He honestly does really well when he is out of the studio and doing stupid shit.  His gaming videos are also a hit because he sucks so bad at them.  I love how awkward he is and his jokes are funny.  Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmell are hilarious too but in their own ways.  Conan’s team is quite cool as well but read on to see what an amazing day I had in their studio.


Getting the Tickets
You can actually order them online (for free from what I know).  How I got them was through pure luck.  We were on a Warner Brothers Studio tour and then our guide suddenly asked, “Who wants tickets to the conan show?”  I whispered to my boyfriend, “Either we are paying a lot or they are free”.  I quickly raised my hand up and at the end of the tour we retrieved the beautiful tickets.  Trust me, I wanted to scream in joy – my eyes probably showed that emotion loud and clear.


The show actually takes place some distance away from the Warner Brothers Tour site, however parking is actually FUCKING FREE.  Did you just read that correctly?  Los Angeles is the worst place to find a parking space, even when you are okay with paying.  We were so happy to know that parking would be free but as we circled upwards floor by floor we began to worry.  Where is the parking spot?  Why is everything full?  I swear, we came hours EARLIER than what they said and when we reached the rooftop (ROOFTOP!) there were only 10-15 spots left.  On the ticket, guests are instructed to arrive no later than 2:30pm but we were there early (not before 12pm).  Apparently the earlier you arrive, you get the following:
1. Better parking spot
2. Lower ticket number – what this means is, when you “check-in” they actually give you a number (for each pair of individuals).  I will explain what this means later.

The wait is a little long because the show time is 4:30pm (I don’t even know if we started at that time).  While we were waiting, we walked a bit and found one single food truck outside.  The bathroom was situated in the basement.  Since we didn’t want to lose our parking space, there was nowhere else we could walk to.  Anyhow before show time, there were people handing out treats (i.e. popsicle sticks) and a booth selling Team COCO clothing (only sold here).  Once it was near show time, the staff members would call our numbers (from 1 to like whatever).  So, if our number was less than 10 we would have gotten front row seats.  Anyhow we walked like elementary school kids in pairs while crossing the traffic light.  As we walked, we stopped at some other gated twirling line up until our cue came up.  The staff is EXTREMELY nice but will call you out for bringing a camera or using your cellphone.  There is absolutely NO tolerance for use of digital electronics to record anything.  This is the only thing Warner Brothers will be anal about, but I respect it.  The whole time I was thinking, how much longer do I need to hold my pee?  Because deep inside I knew I couldn’t pee in the actual Conan studio lols.  Anyhow the stage doesn’t even look that big and you feel quite close to the front.  Before Conan came out, another speaker would come out to warm up the crowd.  He told some really funny jokes and went over the procedure (e.g. when to laugh, there is a sign above our head sthat would light up if we were too stupid to do so automatically).  When Conan finally did show up I gotta say I was BEAMING WITH joy.

Conan Show
The show is actually filmed live so things move fucking quickly.  I think Conan actually has a tip sheet to read from because I see his staff flipping out some cardboard pages. Conan didn’t really interact much with our crowd so I was a bit sad.  When it came to the audience award, the girl beside me won.  She was a winner for “best dressed as a vampire”.  Now I have no idea how they even chose these awards because they never came up to tell her.  This girl actually spent her entire time putting on make up while waiting, gotta say it paid off.  I was slightly unhappy that my face was not captured on screen (only half an inch of a zoom out and I would have been on TV), damn it lols.  When Tegen and Sarah performed, I was pleasantly surprised because I’ve never heard them live.  When Conan stood beside them, I’m like wow, he is fucking tall.  Anyhow Conan is quite courteous and would shake hands with everyone (not the audience =p).

In general this was THE highlight of my trip to Los Angeles.  I’ll talk about the Warner Brothers Studio as well but people there are so nice.  I don’t care if they are trained to be angels because they did a fucking good job.  Someone asked for tickets to the Ellen Show, apparently that is sold out until next year…or maybe two LOL.


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