As promised everyone I am now writing my second post of this week.  I’m sure you guys are dying to read my reviews (lols no shame).

Big Mouth Kee
(905) 881-8821
280 West Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3Z1

Don’t tell me you want to come here by public transportation? Even though VIVA has upgraded, your best bet is to drive but then parking will be another problem. For those who are depending on google to take you here, please note it’s on the lower level. A bit difficult to find but surely it shouldn’t take too long.

Not the best, took like 5 minutes for someone to even greet us. Anyhow you aren’t looking to tip them a lot here, it is standard Asian service.

wpid-img-20141116-wa0011.jpg  wpid-img-20141116-wa0009.jpg

wpid-img-20141116-wa0008.jpg  wpid-img-20141116-wa0007.jpg

wpid-img-20141116-wa0002.jpg  wpid-img-20141116-wa0000.jpg

I am pretty sure they were better back in the days. The food is so-so but you really can’t complain about its price. If you aren’t really sure what to order, definitely go for the combos! We ordered the 6-person combo, where you can choose 4 entrees of your choice and you will get soup, chicken, steamed fish, and dessert as extras. This is honestly quite good, we had 7 people and each of us paid less than $15. Let me just say that everything is average, none of them stood out and to me the fish was their best dish. I really wish they had prepped the fish for us – for example cutting it open with sides separated (usually restaurants do that for you).

My rating: 7.5/10
It deserves: 7.5/10

Big Mouth Kee on Urbanspoon

You really get what you paid for. It’s great for those who want to come late at night because it opens until 2-3am.


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