I’ve been so lazy lately but I have promised you viewers (probably no one out there lol) that this blog will be updated. At least within this week you will see 3 updates. I really hope that promise can be kept lol. Anyhow I’ve been working a lot of weekends this month so I spend most of my off-time alone and playing this card game called Hearthstone. I was also playing Dragon Age: Origins and COD. You must think I’m a gamer and yes you are RIGHT. The only unfortunate thing is that I suck in games. I play then give up whenever I die LOL.

Casa-Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine Ltd.
(416) 756-2788
4125 Steeles Ave E Scarborough, ON M1W3T4

You can TTC or drive. The parking lot isn’t huge but it should suffice – since it is never really packed. By the way if you are coming down South on Warden, make sure you merge to the right lane immediately.  Funny observation: people always say this place is for the “wealthy” and I read some reviews where others claim you only see “BMW” or “Benz”.  You shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed to come here because no one should judge your socioeconomic status.

Holy effing shit, do they get paid $6/hour or do they just work at snail speed? This place looks awesome on the inside, outside, everywhere; it is like top notch in appearance. Who hired these people? The only individuals who know how to do their jobs are the managers – why so sad? To begin, they mixed up the tea we wanted..we asked for “water”. How do you even get that wrong and give us tea? And don’t worry we did order tea afterwards but we started off with water.  Afterwards the lady bringing out the food gave our plates to the wrong table TWICE. Like what the actual shit. There was this dude who was so slow, when we asked for the bill he never came back. I thought Chinese people were fast with these stuff? I can’t even fanthom how rich people can endure this HORRIBLE service. I’m guessing they are always served by the managers…seriously.

Milk and papaya puff

Pan fried turnip patties

Honestly good. They don’t cheap out on you and everything comes out fresh. Even the soy sauce comes out in a nice bottle – WARM! The only part of the service that was good was in clearing out the dishes. Every time I finish picking out the last piece in our dish…WHOOM someone picks it up (is that even a sound?). You are looking at some really unique dishes though prices are a bit higher. It goes something like this:
Small dishes – $3 ish
Medium dishes – $4 ish
Large dishes – $5 ish


Rice noodle roll (shrimp), cuttlefish tentacle

Shrimp and pork dumpling

Deep fried dough with conpoy

Crispy meat dumpling

Beef tripe, BBQ pork bun

Chicken feet

Let me make it clear to you that everything is either in medium or large dishes. What I really like is that they don’t cheap out on the meat and when you order a BBQ bun, you do get the BBQ pork (it’s not for show lol).

My Rating: 7.9/10
Others would rate it as: 8.5/10

Casa-Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine Ltd. on Urbanspoon

The food quality can be rated as 1 of the top 5 dim sum restaurants in GTA.  But the quality in service brings it down to top 15 lols.  I have actually been here twice and my first time was a bit better.  It’s not overpriced because of the food, it is not worth the price because of the service =p


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