Blah blah blah blah, I read online reviews about this restaurant and half of the time people are complaining about their food.  Hold your horses, I think something else is worse..

Don Don Izakaya
(416) 492-5292
130 Dundas St W Toronto, ON M7A2C7

It’s literally 2 minutes away from Eatons.  You might miss it because the restaurant is on the second floor so make sure you watch out for it!

I can see why people will get angry at the servers, because like WTF where are you?  Lol.  When we first stepped in, we were greeted by a super friendly host and then later led in with their “welcoming” drum beats (which to me was cool).  Since the restaurant opens at 5pm, we were definitely the first ones there.  I was surprised that our server didn’t come to check on us frequently.  It is actually a bad sign when we have to find him for water refills.  Come to think of it, the experience was horrible because there were only 4 tables present lol. Since we sat at the bar, food will be delivered to us right from the chefs.  This is a pet peeve of mine but if you are working in a service area like restaurants, it wouldn’t cost you a limb to smile.  The guy who passed down the food to us would just hand it over and say the name.  I have been to enough Izakayas to tell you that it is the waiter’s job to get that plate.  I’m sitting down dude, you want me to stand up and grab that sizzling hot plate of yours with my bare hands?  Big points down.

We must have ordered the right stuff because other than the skewers being more salty, everything else wasn’t bad.  The prices are lower than Guu but yes for you critics, Guu is still better.  I want to add that the beer is EXPENSIVE.  Gosh, is that why you never refill my water?

6 skewers combo – someone online said this was recommended – not lol. This was the only dish I didn’t like. Please pass and go to Zakkushi instead.  For its price, you are paying for average meat with extra salt lol.The good thing?  The pork wasn’t bad.

Ginger fried chicken is worth it.  It will fill your tummy and the sauce in the bottom right corner is A MUST TRY.

Shrimp mayo is a yum yum.  The outside is crispy and you get a lightly seasoned shrimp on the inside (at least I thought it tasted more than plain cooked shrimp).  Quite unique in my perspective.

Pork kimchi udon.  Probably the best dish or at least I enjoyed it the most.  The udon is quite soft and I love how smooth it is.  Did I mention that this one is probably a bit spicy?  Not a lot of meat but I just wanted the udon to be honest.

My rating: 7.3/10
Others would rate it as: 6.9/10
The food really wasn’t bad and I don’t hate this restaurant (though I would come back on their “speicals” days).  But the greatest shocker was the lack of service.  NEVER make your guests handle the plates, that’s just not right.  In addition, why do I always need to find my server?  Sorry that’s a bit ridiculous.

Don Don Izakaya on Urbanspoon


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