Toronto has become colder the last few days and I nearly froze to death on Halloween. I have realized that people in their mid-20’s or particularly my friends don’t like going out anymore. They still do house parties but clubbing or grabbing a few drinks on October 31st seems like an absurd idea for them. Anyhow I was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood last Friday.

Ryus Noodle Bar
(647) 344-9306
Baldwin Village
33 Baldwin Street Toronto, ON M5T1L3

For a noodle bar you would think they close later but that’s not the point. Ryu Noodle Bar is situated in a small street that houses many other Asian restaurants, not a far walk from St. Patrick’s station at all. I’m not too sure about parking but I would choose to TTC.


Great service, waitress described the different noodle types to us. I mean honestly service can’t be that bad at a ramen place right? Anyhow she was good to us and I have no complaints.


A lot of you are familiar with ‘ramen’, the Japanese love it and it is regarded as their number 1 food (more popular than sushi!). Anyhow in this restaurant you get to taste tsukemen which is where noodles and sauce are separated. The thickened sauce is more salty than ramen broth, but this is where you dip your noodles to suck up the flavour. My suggestion for you is to try it with 2-3 strands of noodles or else you will miss the whole experience. I am warning you now but the flavour is quite strong and does not taste like ramen broth. With this restaurant, the meat and toppings are diced up and placed above the noodles. I did not really like the toppings but they weren’t actually disgusting. I’m pretty sure they made the toppings bland because the sauce added enough kick to it. The ramen was ‘okay’ lol. The broth itself had a good smell but I tasted powder(?); it didn’t go down smooth at all.


This restaurant is average, I can’t say that they are bad but nothing was impressive. I was recently in Los Angeles and after eating the tsukemen there, Ryus Noodle Bar just doesn’t compare. In terms of ramen, Sansotei is by far winning in every category. Do I recommend this place? If you are in the area, it’s not a bad choice since prices aren’t that bad. I forgot to mention that you can get a large portion of tsukemen for the same price. Ramen and tsukemen range from $9-15 so it’s not too bad.

My rating: 7.3/10
What others would rate it as: 7.8/10

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