So I’ve been a bit busy trying to find a Halloween costume and FINALLY my friend helped me out. Anyways I was shopping around Eaton Centre and omg, when did costumes cost $60+? Absolutely outrageous, I could buy a nice top from Aritzia instead (not helping since that store is overpriced as well lols).

The Black Hoof
(416) 551-8854
Little Italy/Portugal Village
928 Dundas St W Toronto, ON M6J1W3

The Black Hoof is a very unique restaurant that has opened since 2008 in Little Italy. Adjacent to the store and right across are 2 bars, we only tried the Cocktail Bar. The Cocktail Bar is quite small but offers a friendly environment that makes you feel cozy and loved. There were only 2 staff members on the Saturday night that we arrived but everyone was served with no delay (just a bar and maybe 3 tables). The Black Hoof is not your ordinary restaurant because it serves up lots of meats and alternatives – you will find horse meat, and perhaps a tongue????

Honestly it’s quite far, even though it’s in Little Italy I find that there is NOTHING around this place. The problem is they don’t take reservations (and that might be smart) so you need to wait around an hour for a table. Why did I say it’s smart? Since they have 2 bars around it, they are milking your money for staying an extra hour. For me, I spent an extra $25 on drinks. BTW I want to add that the Cocktail Bar was awesome – not exactly cheap but you will LOVE the variety.

I had such AMAZING service at the Black Hoof. We left our name and number and we were called within an hour of waiting as the lady had promised. Unfortunately we didn’t score a table and sat at yet another bar but our waiter/bartender was extremely attentive. I wish we had looked up the menu before because their food is written on 2 separate chalk boards at the front and back of the restaurant. I did get a little pissed off at that because these 2 menus offer no images (I’m a visual kind of person) and I had no idea what they meant LOL. I’m used to stuff like “fish and chips”, “steak” – and not menus like “horse tartare” and “charcuterie”. But do not worry, I will go into detail later after consulting google. Anyhow our bartender/waiter had to repeat the names for us but seriously I didn’t understand lol. He was very nice but the place was a bit loud. We really enjoyed our time here but at the end he got EXTREMELY busy making drinks – delaying the cheque process and didn’t even say Thank You at the end. We were puzzled because we had left more tips than we generally would.

You should not come alone because all the items are for sharing. I had a difficult time taking photos because the place was so dark and I think my “flashes” pissed people off lol.


Charcuterie ($19)
This place prides itself in charcuterie – an art of cooking that focuses on prepared meat products. It usually is served on a plate. We LOVED this plate even though we still mispronounce the word. You get 2 different sauces to dip your meat and it is best served with bread. Because charcuterie typically involves an addition of salt, you might find yourself drinking a little more water. Anyhow, we have really unique meat here (I wish I could tell you what they were) and they are sliced SO thin – it’s like they have perfected the skill of cutting lols.


Horse Tartare ($18)
Also commonly used for steak tartare, it is a dish where meat is served raw (chopped or minced). Most often, this dish is accompanied by onions and a raw egg. When your dish arrives, make sure you combine everything together so that the egg is thoroughly mixed within the meat. It is also recommended that you order bread with this dish. Honestly, I did not like it though I didn’t hate it. My boyfriend was like, “The bread taste is covering the horse taste lol”. Anyhow I’m sure there are many others who would enjoy this much more than me – maybe I just don’t like it raw or I just don’t like horse?


Tacos ($11)
Since their menu changes frequently I forgot what type of tacos I got. They do come in 3 and you can add more money for 4. 3 was actually enough for the both of us because each one is big. You can add hot sauce in the tacos and let me warn you: your hands will get dirty. Why I really like the tacos is 1. so cheap 2. the fillings are so tasty 3. the tacos are soft. There is just nothing about these tacos – they even come with these crunchy little things on the side. Shrimp chips? Lol.

My Rating: 8.4/10
It Deserves: 8.8/10

The Black Hoof on Urbanspoon

I’m sure others would find this place even more worthwhile and I will come back to taste the other dishes. Very unique place! FYI their website is gorgeous. I love how they designed the staff page – it gives everyone credit for the hardwork they put in. The only negative thing to do this place: debit and cash only.


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