I’m posting lots of random topics but this is actually food-related.  Zomato is a website, it’s an app, it’s a new society for foodies like yourself to interact in.  A few months ago I was approached by Zomato to transfer my reviews over to their website for their upcoming launch.  Just 2 days ago, Zomato Toronto was started.  Like many existing food apps, Zomato allows users to rate their experience in restaurants but they have more to offer than websites like Yelp and Urbanspoon.

Zomato is an online and mobile restaurant search and discovery service, providing in-depth information for over 270,000 restaurants across 17 countries. Zomato’s core content features include menus, photos, and geocoded coordinates for restaurants; users can rate and review restaurants, as well as create their own network of foodies”

What to look for:
– You can check in to restaurants
– The layout is user friendly and is easy to navigate
– Zomato staff actually went to all the restaurants that are listed on their app to make sure the business is active and running!
– Zomato is hailed as a winning app in other countries and still growing!
– Zomato is brand new so foodies can start building their reputation

Let’s look at some of the app’s screenshots:

Zomato Collections Toronto Android  (1) Zomato Toronto Collection Android (1) Zomato Toronto Restaurant Page Android Zomato Toronto Search Result Android


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