Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Holy crap it seems like I’ve forgotten about this blog again.  I must admit that I have ventured into the gaming world and I’m learning how to used the mouse and keyboard to play RPG games lol.  But do not fear because I am back.  I somehow lost all my food photos or something so please excuse me as my posts won’t be picture heavy. BTW I want to make my posts shorter so they will be categorized into these headings: Service, Accessibility, The Good, The Bad, The Verdict. Nevermind, maybe that makes it longer lol.

Reds Midtown Tavern
(416) 598-3535
Unit 6
382 Yonge St

This place is easily reached by TTC or even by foot if you are shopping at Eaton’s Centre. The only difficult aspect is that the restaurant is hidden. Their entrance is actually situated on Gerrard street and if you google map this place, you won’t find it! To be exact, if you are walking North on Yonge, make sure you turn left when you reach Gerrard. Right at the northwest corner is the restaurant but just walk a little more west to find its entrance.

FINALLY, a restaurant that has good service. I actually regret not giving more tips. You know the huge debate going on right now about 15% or 20% tips, this is one of the few restaurants that deserves more than 15%. I felt bad for not giving them more but I was slightly affected by the food lol. Anyhow the waitress who was serving our table remembered everything we ordered and was happy to split our bills. She came by often and gave us no problems. Unfortunately the restaurant can’t stand with just good service.


The Positives
This restaurant should have just started off as a bar/lounge. Their appetizers are top notch and when I mean good, I mean excellent. We ordered the chicken wings which were actually a bit spicy but they were amazing. I love the sauce because it’s heavy and creamy, I was licking my fingers going yum yum. The other dish we ordered was the maine lobster guacamole which had the best testing crisp tortillas. These tortillas were big and I swear my friends took all the guacamole before I could grab more.

The Negatives
The only problem with the apps? They were skyrocket expensive lol. And now we move onto the entrees. The grilled cheese sandwich priced at roughly $13-14 was warm and tasty but the portions = too small. I’ve had a grilled cheese sandwich at Joey’s and they were better. But you know what it wasn’t bad…and then the umami burger came and holy crap, what were we eating? The portion for this burger was adequate but everything tasted so dry. The burger had a very bland taste and I gave up eating that thing half way through. I think I might be mistaken here but this restaurant does not offer beer in pitchers or half pints, perhaps because this is fine dining? I am not too familiar with that and our group felt disappointed – only half of us ordered pints afterwards.


The verdict
The restaurant looks extremely nice but is a hassle to locate – even for those who are good at google. I found it weird that the washrooms were located on the second floor – very atypical for a fine dining restaurant like this – not deducting points, just an observation. I found the servers extremely helpful and really think they deserve an “A”. The biggest disappointment is in the food: for the price we were paying this restaurant doesn’t justify a second visit. This restaurant can do so much better and I really wish it can.

My Rating: 7.4/10 (It wasn’t horrible but I don’t have the cash to spend it on appetizers alone)
It Deserves: 7/10

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2 thoughts on “[Restaurant Review] Reds Midtown Tavern

  1. I disagree
    tipping is a plague. It encourages and allows owners not to pay their employees a decent wage.
    Look at Asia. Service is better AND tipping is not a custom.
    Reward a restaurant’s good food, ambiance or service by returning

    • You should read this article on BlogTO about standards of tipping. Big arguments. You are absolutely right that in Asia service is better and… tipping is actually considered rude in Japan. I really wish our restaurants functioned by this standard as well. I’ve had some pretty bad experiences when I didn’t tip enough. To be fair, the waitress really did do a good job at this restaurant – it was the food that disappointed us. Anyhow I read your other comment too in my “about” section and will consider modifying some of my future reviews.

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