Drop the bombs everyone, the biggest rumour in Kpop is here. Jessica from the world popular girls’ group SNSD (or otherwise known as Girls Generation) is rumoured to have been kicked out by SMTOWN. Let me be frank, Jessica is my favourite out of the bunch because she’s the “ice princess” also referred to as being cold and mean lols. I do find SNSD’s songs very catchy but have a feeling that not all the girls are super friendly. But you know what, that’s cool with me. Anyhow we have not heard any statements from SMTOWN or the other ladies from SNSD so I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA what will happen. You won’t get the latest update from me but just take your fingers to google because I’ll be there lols.

Korean Grill House
(905) 762-1338
505 Highway #7 East Markham, ON L3T7P6

Because I’ve been posting so many reviews today I would like to keep these entries short and sweet so here goes!

Decent. Done. LOL. Anyhow I’m warning you now because Commerce Gate is super busy, but if you don’t know there are additional parking spots in the underground garage. You are entering an area with LOTS OF ASIANS so no one can drive or park. I warned you. And if you are coming from Highway 7 (90% of you will), please note the high traffic zone.



10 years ago I went to Korean Grill for their lunch box menus. Fast forward 10 years and I’m still here but disgusted lols. They used to be good; in fact they have only raised the prices ever so slightly by like $1 which is quite nice. But why Korean Grill? Tell me why your soya sauce are all diluted into nothing, why is it that your meat is so stiff that I almost lost my teeth, and why is it that everything tastes so bland? Back in the days, you gave us the best bang for our bucks. Back then, you were truly awesome. I unfortunately will never return to Richmond Hill’s location for their lunch menus. It’s so sad lols.

The lunch boxes will come with soup, your bento, and also a drink. My drink was 60% ice and 40% diluted liquid lols. By the time I dumped out all the ice, our finished soup bowls were now refilled with a difference state of matter lol. It’s embarrassing for the restaurant I’m pretty sure.

My Rating: 6.5/10
It Deserves: 7.5/10

Korean Grill House on Urbanspoon

I would give it lower but for $6 I say that the rice/tofu/bean sprouts do taste okay. Their portions are alright as well. I hope Korean Grill will get back on its feet because what I had…*bleh* Just so you know their BBQ is usually okay (at least the last few times I’ve gone they were).


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