I’m sure most of you have heard of the protests taking place in Hong Kong.  It’s a long story and before you offer any opinion on high school students leading this protest, you better read up on it.  As someone who was born in Hong Kong, even I don’t know the whole story.  As such, I try to stay neutral and keep my mouth shut.  The protestors claim to be peaceful and just want to have a democratic country whereas the government/police force are responding with pepper sprays and etc.  The truth?  I have a few friends in HK who noted that the movement is well organized with lots of rations/supplies.  A lot of people are blaming the police force for using violent means to respond but there are stories of officers who help the citizens. I mean think about it, aren’t police officers born from HK?  Anyhow, I think what is happening is truly inevitable.  We knew that this day would come when China took over HK and that’s actually why my family decided to move.  I just pray that everyone remains safe.

Haru Japanese Restaurant
(289) 597-2136
10 E Wilmot Street
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1G9

Great place for those in Richmond Hill but for those who live a little South of here, you may find it difficult to locate. Unlike my previous review, this restaurant has a very good website. The only drawback is that you can’t maximize pictures in their gallery (hopefully this will be fixed). A good website should be easy to navigate: few tabs, google map for location and directions, a gallery, menu online or in pdf form, and everything should at least be in English.

I read this funny review on Yelp stating that the staff are too nice. They are definitely pretty good (1 or 2 waiters only) and are super attentive. I don’t think it’s made-up, appears genuine to me.



We only ordered the medium-sized sashimi/sushi boat item. The sashimi are plentiful and are cut in thick slices (I actually prefer them thin) but my boyfriend loved it. Fresh? Definitely. The sushi is also really good and they are gigantic! The sushi can be inverted and their sashimi will not fall off (a stupid trick that I use to see if they pack it well) so that’s a thumbs up for me. In terms of portion size, two people will be full with that boat because I had enough for sure. Accompanied by this sushi boat are salad and miso soup. The salad has a sour sauce which I rarely had in previous Japanese eateries and the miso soup was quite average. So what is my verdict? This restaurant is above average in terms of quality and quantity but would do well with a few suggestions:
– Improve marketing (We were the only table at 8:30pm but they deserve props for a great website)
– Give the customers ice cream at the end (Pretty standard nowadays especially when we ordered a boat)


My Rating: 8/10
It Deserves: 7.5/10

Haru on Urbanspoon

I definitely liked this restaurant more than my boyfriend based on the whole experience. My boyfriend felt that the miso soup and salad were lacking but was satisfied with the sashimi. He expected more of a surprise but to me it already was.


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