So yesterday I attended this event held by Reel Asian where they hosted a free screening of SMTOWN’s IAM movie.  I thought it was a pretty decent movie but online reviews state otherwise.  But hey I didn’t pay to see it right?  After viewing the movie you really wish you were there because who couldn’t feel the effort and professionalism put in by those celebrities.  I’m a big fan of BoA but she was not really the focus in this movie.  I’d venture to say Super Junior, Shinee and SNSD were the biggest brightest stars in this film.  I kind of like Shinee more after the film, SNSD is still a ‘meh’ BUT we can’t deny they had a hard debut.  I found it extremely touching that they showed clips of their first debut performance; it even left me to tears.  While thinking this was a great movie, my friend revealed to me what she heard from someone who worked with SMTOWN.  Apparently most of these celebrities are jerks, especially Choi Si Won.  You gotta be kidding me, he’s like one of my faves in SUJU.  Anyhow, I guess that’s reality right?  You can’t be a great entertainer and also have a good personality..but I feel that Brian Joo from Fly to the Sky does it properly lol.

I rarely do reviews on ice cream stores so it will be quite short.

Greg’s Ice Cream
(416) 962-4734
750 Spadina Ave Toronto, ON M5S2J4


Overall impression:
Their samples are huge, who would think that the tiny popsicle stick could scoop such a big chunk of ice cream.  I was very thankful for their generosity.  With only 1 person working, she was quite efficient and friendly to boot.  Their most popular flavour is roasted marshmallow but I actually went with lemon meringue.  Nothing wrong with roasted marshmallow but I prefer something that is less strong in taste.  For a sugar cone single scoop, I think I paid around $4 which is reasonable.  There is seating in and outside the store but most people don’t actually stay to eat.  They have around 8-10 flavours readily available and to me that’s enough.  Honestly I hate it when an ice cream place has infinite flavours because I can never choose.  Most of their flavours are unique and tastes edible; who the hell wants an ice cream that tastes like BBQ chips right?  Not sure if that exists, maybe in Japan lol.  Anyhow great ice cream place, totally recommending this to my friends (but all UT students should already know).


My Rating: 8/10
Others would Rate it is: 8.5/10

Greg's Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

There is nothing bad about this place, everything is a thumbs up.  However, there weren’t any surprises either.


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