Hi everyone I’m finally back from my mini vacation in the States.  Here I am with a few days remaining before I return to work.  As such, I’m going to jump right back into my restaurant reviews.  No time to lose!  I’ve been obsessing over this one pimple for the past 3 months and after seeing the dermatologist, he told me it’s a dermatofibroma and unless I get surgery it will never disappear.  In fact, he didn’t even recommend surgery because the pimple is so small, he explains that it is most likely due to a bite bug or some type of reaction.  It’s been on my leg for the longest time and I can’t stop staring at it.

Lucky Red
(416) 792-8628
318 Spadina Ave Toronto, ON M5T2E7

You have to go to their website: http://www.luckyredshop.com/
Why? Because it’s so plain. Their original website Banh Mi Boys was great but this…c’mon put some effort into it. Anyhow it does give the necessary information such as time and location so whatever. As a former web designer it’s disappointing to see a popular restaurant have an almost non-existing website. Websites and social media are your prime advertising tools.  I hope it’s just under construction because I have high expectations =)


As you know Lucky Red is like a chain to Banh Mi Boys; the menu items are quite similar except it’s located in the center of China Town. You basically order at the front (cashier), wait for your name to be called then pick up your food. You aren’t really expecting to be “served”, you basically order and start chomping. Now I’m going to tell you about my weird experience here. It wasn’t that busy when we arrived between 5-6pm but we saw a few heads popping from within the cashier area – but nope they did not greet us. They just smiled…yes they did just that. I went over to the counter and asked about their osyter bao because it seemed interesting. The girl looked puzzled when I asked how it tasted like, and she replied with this, “It tastes like fried oysters.” You gotta be kidding me, you work here and you can’t elaborate more (e.g. salty, sweet, how many oysters, etc)? Anyhow I ordered it and sat at one of the nearby tables. When my name was called, I promptly got up and one of the guys called my name again (this time shouting in a hurried tone). Dude..what is your problem? I basically went up to the food counter and showed my presence. He later asked how spicy I wanted my bao then left it at that. I waited another 5 minutes before he gave me the food. I don’t know what is wrong with this location but their service is a big thumbs down.  I’m not saying the workers are mean or anything but the whole experience confused me.




The fried oyster bao is a treat! You get around 2 oysters and it’s really really crunchy before you reach the insides. It’s honestly a must-order but dude their service here ruined my appetite a little. The tables here are accompanied with high chairs which also makes getting on/off a little difficult. My boyfriend ordered the Banh Mi which is super filling and absolutely delicious. I’ve said it before but the baos are typically cold and it’s the meat/seafood inside that are warm/cooked.

My Rating: 7.7/10
It deserves typically: 8/10

Lucky Red on Urbanspoon

It’s really too bad that I didn’t have a great experience because the food is no different from their other chains. Unfortunately I wouldn’t come here again because it’s out of the way and would rather visit the other locations.


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