Held on August 13 was BMO’s very own Urban Picnic which took place on Yonge and Dundas Square.  In just 1 day, the whole place transformed into a modern picnic area where free food and games were offered.  The event was primarily promoting Air Miles and its partnership with BMO, food was also sponsored by Metro.

By playing carnival games like water shooting, the winner gets an award of XX bonus Air Miles points.  Unfortunately I have stopped using my Air Miles card so I gave it to my colleague.  The event began at 11am but we were there at 11:02am and boy was it full.  The line-up for sliders were quick, possibly 5-10 minutes max.  But the ice cream line took 20-30 minutes and my lunch break aint’ that long lols.  I actually came back around 12:30pm to meet up with my friend and the lines tripled in size…free man, because it’s free.

(I’m getting really good at taking pictures without including faces lol)


(They also gave out mini-snacks as seen in those red/blue bags.  It tasted too healthy for me..like another version of mini rice crackers.)


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