With great power comes great responsibility.  With increasing popularity..well we get the anti-fans.  Today I am writing about the loss of Robin Williams, the great actor who has brought laughter in our childhood times.  Many people are running to social media like Facebook and Twitter to write positive experiences and comments of the late Robin Williams, but somehow assholes/trolls still exist to spill shit worldwide.  For those who aren’t aware, Robin William’s daughter was receiving taunting images/messages on social media (link: click here)and has decided to retire from the internet temporarily.  I find it disgusting that trolls would commit such an act but what is more depressing is how people are siding with them.  I understand that the internet is basically “unstoppable” but this girl needs some time to grieve, why would you do such a thing?  Most people are NOT trolls (which is a sigh of relief) but there are some online who feel that she should have just dealt with it.  Unfortunately the internet is a double-edged sword and when people think they can hide and mask their identity; they feel doing anything is fine.

Just earlier today I received a negative post on one of my reviews.  My first reaction: swear at that asshole but I re-read my review and started to question myself, “Maybe I could have been less harsh or I should change this so people don’t misunderstand”.  The person who commented left no name, no email address, nor any link back (to be exact the linked address stated any blog would be better than mine).  In fact, he/she stated that my reviews weren’t worth any views and I was sexist.  I immediately became super angry but was reminded that I’m a blogger and I need to suck it up.  I had a moment of hesitation where I wanted to stop blogging but my boyfriend said I was a loser for giving up so quickly.  Perhaps my earlier reviews were shit and maybe they were offensive (not like my new ones aren’t lols), but my goal isn’t to be perfect…it’s to improve with every review.  I can’t please everyone and that’s fine.  I hope that everyone will continue to give me feedback (both positive and negative).

All Star Wings & Ribs
(905) 927-1616
9255 Woodbine Ave Markham, ON L6C1Y9

For the Scarborough Town Location, you can read it here: click click!

This plaza was moderately busy before TnT (supermarket) came around but now it’s a shit show lol. Luckily, most of us eat wings at night and that is when the families are out of the grocery stores and in their homes/restaurants eating dinner. There are plenty of parking spots at night time so you don’t have to worry but the intersection at Woodbine and 16th Ave is always full of traffic. If I were you, I would go westward on 16th so I can turn right into the plaza or North on Woodbine so I can turn right again after the Tim Hortons entrance. Obviously there are other ways to get into the plaza as well.


I was actually quite impressed with the service here or should I say eye candy lol. Everyone looks great here and that includes both waiters and waitresses. This is an added bonus by the way, everyone is really nice! Service was a little slow and I’m not sure if it’s because they were understaffed or that they walked at snail speed lols. Anyhow, I didn’t think it mattered too much because they were very accommodating (our party did not arrive on time).





For appetizers we ordered the Fresh Fries with Gravy which is JUST AWESOME. I felt so fat after that and its portion is great for sharing among 4-5 individuals. In terms of chicken wings, the best or most popular flavour is the Cleopatra. Like the name dictates, it is unique lols. Covered with a white (ranch?) sauce, you immediately taste the garlic during the first bite but later on it tastes a little sour, sweet, and then it calms down into a meaty flavour. I have no idea how to describe the Cleopatra except it looks extremely greasy but GOOD. We ordered Hawaiian Honey which was more sauce than taste; I’d go back to honey garlic. The last flavour was Lemon Pepper (dry) and I did not like it. The combination of lemon and pepper just didn’t sit well in my stomach so it was not my wing favourite. One of my friends really like celery so we ordered extra. For those who don’t know one bowl of freshly cut celery sticks is only $1, totally worth it.

My Rating: 7.6/10
Others would rate it as: 7.8/10

All Star Wings & Ribs on Urbanspoon

My review on the Scarborough Town Centre location has similar ratings.  I like this location because it’s not as loud but both are essentially the same.  Seems like All Star Wings keeps their standards at a consistently fair level throughout the town.


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