I feel that I have OCD-like symptoms where I can’t stop thinking about something and it drives me insane.  Lately I’ve been staring at my pimple a lot, not quite sure why it’s still there lols.  I probably don’t have OCD and don’t have the expertise to do a self-diagnosis but my boyfriend has been saying I’m super annoying.

Manpuku (http://www.manpuku.ca/)
(416) 979-6763
105 McCaul St Toronto, ON

If you are having trouble finding this place it’s because the restaurant is hidden. To be exact, Manpuku is actually situated inside a plaza/food court across from Art Gallery of Ontario. The restaurant itself isn’t big to begin with but don’t be afraid to ask the art students where this place is.

They aren’t heavily staffed so you gotta be patient with the service. The restaurant is divided into 2 floors and in the summer no matter where you go, it’s super hot lols. I’m not sure if they actually have air conditioning. The staff nevertheless are pretty nice and will refill your water periodically.

This is a place that offers GOOD udon; it is in fact one of the best udon places in downtown. Seriously I’m not kidding lols. To begin with the broth is amazing, it is full of flavor and the restaurant isn’t stingy so you can drink as much as you want. The udon is legit so it’s not thin and it’s not soggy – perfectly made so that you can slurp it all the way. Second, you are looking at the cheapest udon prices in downtown Toronto. On average, the udon bowls are $5-6 and trust me it will fill you up. I really like ordering the curry udon because it’s special, everywhere else will offer beef/chicken/seafood/tempura. I’ve had the takoyaki side dish before which wasn’t bad but from my experience, it takes a bit of time to prepare. If you are coming here for the first time, don’t go ordering the rice bowls because this place is known for udon. I have a feeling their rice bowls aren’t up to par based on some of the online reviews.


My rating: 9/10
Others would rate it as: 8.8/10 (those who aren’t udon-lovers)

Manpuku on Urbanspoon


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