I think I spent a lot of money this weekend, correction my boyfriend will say he did lol.  Anyhow Marche is the type of restaurant where you can order food and see it being made on the spot.  It’s front line cooking and gives you the “shopping” feel.

Marche Restaurant
(647) 350-6999
181 Bay St Toronto, ON

This one is right on King Street and is HUGE. If you actually work in downtown Toronto where the PATH is (underground walkway) you will notice chains of Marche that serve less varieties and usually quick to go meals (e.g. breakfast and lunch). The restaurant is easy to find and you won’t miss it, the only problem is finding the entrance but it should not take you more than 2 minutes lols.

Just so you know, the bill will automatically be added a total of 12% for gratuities. Is that a lot? No. We pay typically around 15% for going to a restaurant anyways, why not pay 3% less at a place where quality service is guaranteed? The people here will pick up your trays and clean your table without being called. Everyone there seems to be trained to smile and they genuinely appear happy (or so it seems lols).

So you ask how Marche works…they will always give you a tour if it’s your first time but let me do a quick intro. Every person will be given a swipe card with 0 balance in the beginning. Every time you order food, be it a drink or a dessert, you give “your” card to the cook/assistance and they will add balance to it. You can grab water in a nearby fountain free of charge. To pick up several dishes I suggest that you bring a portable tray with you. Most meals will have a top/cover above the dish so that when you are walking around the heat doesn’t escape.




I’ve been here a couple of times but this time I only ate a quick snack. Their roti is to die for, I actually don’t know too many places that serve this dish. It’s crunchy on the burnt ends and mushy on the other. The chicken is so flavourful that your tongue is screaming for more. I have to add that Marche is not exactly cheap, this dish is approximately $10 and without the chicken it’s $5. I also bought a Lacchino (some type of milk mixture drink) and it cost me $4.50. It was very flavourful but I wasn’t sure if I could tell that there was more milk than oreo lol. There are 4-5 flavours that you can choose from but oreo is their best selling one.



My rating: 8.2/10
Others would rate it as: 8/10

Marche Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I think the food is quite good but the price is a bit on the expensive side. It’s worth going to at least once but it won’t “wow” you. Just an enjoyable experience for those who want to chill.


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