So I literally got sick on Friday (a few days ago), it started with a sore throat that progressively got worse throughout the weekend.  I’m now at home with tissue paper stuffed up my nose (ew!).  What made it worse is that I was a bridesmaid for my friend’s wedding yesterday…I used all my energy to withhold those flowing snot and did my best to do my stuff.  It was a success but gawd I am tired.  Anyhow we stayed at a hotel the night before my friend’s wedding and if I could give one word to this hotel…it’s DISGUSTING lols.  I typically don’t review hotels but for this beauty right here, I need to criticize the shit out of it.  I actually posted a review on TripAdvisor, so let me just re-write what I said there.


(Setting up the room for tea ceremony and games)

Took this directly from my Tripadvisor review (Jul 21: It has been removed WTF):

The interior of this hotel looks great except for the fact that it’s under construction and we had to go through Best Western for hotel access. The rooms are spacious and visually it’s a stunning hotel for their reservation price. But let me tell you the story of how HORRIBLE this place is, and no I’m not making this up.

My friend booked this hotel ONE year in advance and when she checked to see if it was in the system..NO RECORD. Fine, moving on. The hotel gave the wrong room arrangement (i.e. incorrect room number). Not to mention, the manager stood my friend TWICE and did not show up to answer any of her questions. Did I mention that she was booking a presidential suite for her WEDDING? Cue in the important night, we booked the room for FOUR people and we were presented with 1 bed. You know what, perhaps you could have given us an extra bed? A presidential suite with 1 bed for 4 people, but we can forgive this since they told us it’s a surcharge per person to add extra beds. The day my friend checked in, a light bulb was broken and it took them 30 minutes to repair it. Great. Now it’s night time and we asked for more pillows. The front desk staff had the nerve to ask us how many pillows we have in our room because they would only send us ONE. One pillow…what in the world? Next, we had to remind them again that they forgot to send us that ONE pillow and blanket sheets.

[Removed the no breakfast story because there were some misunderstandings from both parties.]

In no way am I pointing fingers at only the hotel manager (name removed for confidentiality purposes) and I am not asking for a compensation. Just trying to write down my experience and frustrations as a whole. It’s not to say that the hotel didn’t have positives and I truly feel that they accommodated us by setting up an earlier breakfast time. I really really wanted to enjoy my stay here and the room itself was awesome – great place for a pre-wedding hang out. It was unfortunate what transpired and hopefully no one has to go through this again.

Service: 1/5
Appearance: 3.5/5
Tidiness: 3.5/5
Location: 2/5 (Includes access)
Food: N/A (I didn’t even eat anything lols)

Overall: 1.5/5 (Service is 90% in a hotel)
Others would rate it as: 2.5/5

Update July 22:
I have called truce with that manager and now all my reviews on this hotel are anonymous (in the sense that no one’s names are mentioned).  I did what any professional would do; I took down his name as a sign of courtesy.  Did I mention that I even submitted outdated content link removals to Google?  Google saves cached copies of the websites and updates their preview blurbs once in a while but I gave them a little push so that the manager’s name would be removed sooner (I’m awesome right?)  Was anything in my review incorrect?  Hell, no.  I admit that I was furious and wrote an extremely angry blog post (which has now been taken down).  Anyhow I have moved on from this whole thing but I do not support anyone staying at Sheraton and still feel that their customer service is a 1/5 or lower.  The manager had followed up with numerous emails which I appreciate as it’s a personal gesture but his reason for remaining anonymous online was “meh”.  But to each his own.  My story has ended but this hotel disaster has not LOL.  Apparently my friends’ names (the bride) was revealed on TripAdvisor which is the WORST thing anyone can do.  Because you know what, I didn’t sign any confidentiality form staying there but I’m pretty sure the staff did.  So good luck to those fighting this battle cause I’m out.

Update July 23:
My friend’s full name has been removed from TripAdvisor and an apology will be issued in writing.  In addition, TripAdvisor will be re-posting my review.  I’ve sent an email to TripAdvisor alerting them that the manager’s name needs to be taken out and if they can’t edit it, removing the whole post is fine with me.  It seems like my friend is satisfied and I don’t want to escalate the issue.  In fact, I’ve modified the review to make it sound less harsh and gave the hotel more slack (on Yelp as well).  None of us need to dwell on this matter any longer.  Our expectations weren’t met, that’s that.  And hopefully other people won’t have to go through the same deal.


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