So I’ve been quite busy over the past week because I was planning for my getaway. It’s a short one and we were staying at Collingwood, which is literally 10 minutes away from Blue Mountain. Anyhow, I really need to move out and not live with my parents. I feel like I will go insane one day…that’s if I haven’t already FML.

Copper Blues Bar & Grill
(705) 446-2643
156 Jozo Weider Blvd. Blue Mountains, ON L9Y3Z2

Excellent service until the very end. Waitress kept mixing up our bills and it was just so sad lols. We did not end up giving her 15% because it got so ridiculous but really she was genuine and attended to our needs. However, making us wait because she couldn’t remember 6 people’s orders were disappointing lols.

All the restaurants are on the resort so you won’t have a problem with walking too far. This place is nice because they have umbrellas providing shade if you do choose to sit outside. In fact, if you sit outside you can enjoy the shows that go on every weekend. For this particular weekend, July 4 -6 Blue Mountain was hosting a Jazz Festival so it was quite a treat.

It was no surprise to me that the food portions were large enough for us. It’s a resort so every tourist needs to be fed well to DO MORE lols. Anyhow, their menu is pretty limited in variety and offers the most simple shit ever like fish and chips, salad, pasta, pizza, and etc. I didn’t see any distinct dish but decided to order Turkey with Brie. And yes, my meal did taste pretty good but nothing spectacular. The turkey was so effing dry, I bet the turkey was screaming to have sauce all around it lols. I really like the brie on top and when eaten together (e.g. turkey, brie, and cranberry bread), it tastes pretty good. But like I said, that dry turkey is so bleh. I heard that everything else was average – not bad. I tasted my friend’s pizza which I think is the best dish out of everything we ordered. Despite only having mushroom as the sole topping, they were very flavorful.






My Rating: 7.5/10
It deserves: 7.1/10
(Its service was not bad, food too average, could be better for its price?)

Copper Blues Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon


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