Why does this girl always eat AYCE? No idea but maybe that’s why I have love handles =_=” I only went to this restaurant because there was some sale? Probably not, I think my parents just dragged me there. Let’s get on to business peeps.

Sushi Shizun Japanese Restaurant
(905) 604-6585
7100 Woodbine Ave Markham, ON L3R

The sushi place is actually underneath a building and right across Holiday Inn. This sounds simple? No, not at all. I suggest that you go south on Woodbine (approaching Steeles) so that you can make a right. If you go north on Woodbine you would have to go through the trouble of turning left. Turning right > turning left…accident prone? Lol. We went for lunch so there was enough parking spaces for us but on the weekends or at night, good luck.

It wasn’t packed so I couldn’t get a good grasp of their service. I was reading on Yelp that their low ratings were due to slow service so who knows lols. The place is quite clean cut, very simplistic and ample of seating spaces. It gives you a pretty serene atmosphere so it’s good for those who are looking for urban decor.

The variety was definitely very minimal. Another bad thing is that they didn’t serve sashimi for their lunch time AYCE, which by the way is actually quite common. Since you are paying like $13/person they aren’t giving you the best of the best lols. Anyhow they don’t fill each plate with ginormous portions and the sushi that they make are great. It doesn’t fall off and taste very fresh. I don’t know what people are saying when they complain about the food quality because in my opinion it’s quite decent.

wpid-20140530_132231.jpg   wpid-20140530_132022.jpg
wpid-20140530_132436.jpg   wpid-20140530_132441.jpg
wpid-20140530_132445.jpg   wpid-20140530_132656.jpg

My Rating: 7.9/10
Its Worth: 7.8/10
Sushi Shizun Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Nothing was amazing about it and it really came close to 8.0/10 for being decent all around. With so many AYCE sushi restaurants, owners really need to step up a notch to be placed in the ‘A” category.


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