Does anyone else have money? I’m fucking poor. It doesn’t matter if I make a decent salary because I have OSAP to pay, bills to cover, and a car to deal with. Now that I’m living back with my parents it feels like hell but to pay like $1000/month for a downtown condo…oh gawd, kill me. It seems ridiculous that I’m worrying about this stuff but hello, I need to build my own family soon lols. I don’t want to have kids when I’m approaching 40. I want to look like a “mom” when I attend those parent meetings. So my friends and I decided to grab wings in the Scarborough area and unfortunately wing places are scarce in GTA (except for downtown, everything is there apparently).

All Star Wings & Ribs
1245 McCowan Road
Toronto, ON M1H 3K3

Great place to eat wings because you have plenty of parking spots and it’s right smack beside a mall. Why not come over and drink some beer after some shopping or movies? It’s accessible by TTC, and you can do so by riding the SRT or the bus.


I think we were unlucky because our waitress was fucking slow and she also had to take a break at that time (nothing wrong with that but meh). My boyfriend’s beer took forever and by the time it came, he wasn’t thrilled to be drinking it. We thought the waitress would do something special for us like more fries, extra wings, free drink, but nope – quick apology then explained that her order was thrown in the trash. Not a very satisfying answer. In general, you are coming here for the atmosphere because it is great. They have more TVs than waitresses lol and each table is equipped with one. I give the waitresses a ranking of “B”, B for boring and bland. As for our waitress, the only positive is that she was BUSTY – another “B”.




This is not my favourite wings place unfortunately but that is not to say it sucks. In fact it’s quite average, nothing bad but nothing good. We ordered 3 flavours including:
1. Lemon grass – this is a dry rub wing. It’s forgettable but no one will hate it.
2. Mardi gras – this is surprisingly very good. I actually forgot how it tasted but it has a unique taste worth trying.
3. Greek honey – wouldn’t bother ordering this again. Is it because there wasn’t any honey? Or was it because there was too much greek sauce? The combination wasn’t good
All hail ceasar fries – wow I was pleasantly surprised. Even though we ordered greek honey wings, these fries are WAY BETTER. Yes, they have a shitload of sauce but it doesn’t disappoint. It’s not that big in portions but for 4 people it’s a good sharing size.

I don’t know what to say about All Star Wings because nothing was horrible, in fact everything was tolerable. It’s a restaurant I would go back to if I really wanted to watch a sports game but the wings are too mediocre. I’m not saying I’m hotter but I prefer girls who are more attractive…and better yet give me hot guys lols. Funny thing is this chain is not on Urbanspoon so I had to submit a request. We know there are many All Star Wings around the GTA but I’m surprised this one wasn’t advertised.

My rating: 7.5/10
Others would rate it as: 7.5/10

All Star Wings & Ribs on Urbanspoon


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