I feel anxious for some reason…no idea why. It’s probably that time of the month lols, is that TMI (too much information)? I’m really into brunch lately but it’s killing my wallet quite a bit.

Lady Marmalade
(647) 351-7645
898 Queen St. East Toronto, ON M4M1J2

Just wanted to point that if you are driving it’s street parking for you folks. We didn’t have to pay for Sunday parking so that’s a plus! I suggest taking the TTC if you are bad at parallel parking lols.

I need to thank my friend for lining up because I swear that it takes at least 30 minutes before you actually get into the restaurant. And let me warn you, if your whole party is not present don’t even bother! They will only talk to you once you reach the front of the line and without your whole party, you might as well leave. You have been forewarned! And to make it clear this restaurant is not known for service, it’s known for their food. I’d give them like 2.5 stars out of 5 for politeness, attentiveness, and whatever lols.

Absolutely HUMONGOUS. If you are a tiny girl, you will not finish that plate. This is THE place to be after a hangover or even if you want to be stuffed. It’s interesting because the potatoes are a little spicy (not dry and salty like your average meal). The salad has great dressing and a generous portion is given. Their benedicts are very popular, in fact I ordered the pulled pork one. None of us ordered drinks because they were a bit pricey so don’t worry about that. Seating is a bit tight but perfect for a nice summer day…I wonder how it would be like in the winter. It’s sometimes quite difficult to compare brunch because it’s the usual right? Benedicts, bacon, sandwiches, salad, potatoes, and others. Let me make it clear that nothing is overcooked and they are all very well-seasoned.


Your benedict will cost at least $10, probably up to $15 if you want more toppings. I think $15 is outrageous for a brunch menu (unless you are eating in a hotel) and for this restaurant I still think it’s too expensive. How much do eggs cost? How much does your fucking potatoes and salad cost? Fine, your pulled-pork costs a bit more but really? I find that brunch places charge a little too much for their meals. I could order a fucking pasta with $15 during dinner time…seriously.

My rating: 8.6/10
It should rate as: 8.4/10

Lady Marmalade on Urbanspoon

I still really like this place but it’s a little expensive and service isn’t great. The food is awesome though. It’s probably the top 10 brunch places in Toronto.


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