I’ve been going through a lot of stress lately which makes me wonder if I’m still at my quarter-life crisis. As most of you know I have deleted a majority of my posts that are not restaurant reviews because they were either too silly or stacked with non-original pictures. The fear of being sued is quite high for me and during this period of time, my anxiety is over the roof.

Getting Sued
A few years ago I worked for a travel agency and started off as a web designer. Slowly, they recognized my skills and asked me to create their newspaper ads, posters, and so on. I was getting a bit hesitant to complete these jobs because where the fuck are they getting the photos? Well let me be truthful here, they had no photos and asked me to pull them off somehow..like magically out of my ass right? Unfortunately I had to do what every lazy graphic designer would do, grab them off google. Unfortunately for me I got caught using a photo without permission and had gotten sued. I totally took this to my company and said, “Look I demanded photos, you didn’t give it to me so fix this shit up.” And since then I’ve been forever tainted in the notion that using google images is like digging your own grave. You can’t win period.

When I first started this blog I also had that in mind and mainly used my own mobile photos. The only thing that changed was I used global meme pictures. As you know, memes are a huge hit right now but where is the actual copyright source? In essence, whoever is featured in that photo should have ownership but 99% of them don’t care. We can see that from success kid, the angry cat, and so on but believe it or not one video game did get sued for using meme characters. The chances of bloggers getting sued is like 1% but that means there is still some probability. In fact, when I started reviewing movies, anime, and dramas I had wondered what would happen as well. My only option is to take screen captures from the drama itself and not pull them off the internet. I mean how else can you do it? In the end I just deleted all the posts because I totally forgot where I grabbed the photos.

Living life with responsibility
If you aren’t aware, life has become a roller coaster ride for me. I thought that coming back to Toronto would mean absolute happiness but that’s far from the truth. It is true that the social life is beaming with infinite possibilities but that also means work is stressful as fuck. Who in their right mind would think a downtown hospital is easy? Well I didn’t expect it to be but expectations vs reality vs experience vs in-person role…damn lols. I’ve written about this probably a million times but I worry about the smallest mistakes cause I wanna make sure that all my patients are looked after…and safe. But the more I think about each patient, the more tired I become, and it’s basically caregiver burden. Probably didn’t even use the right term there. But it’s stress. I don’t really know what the right steps are anymore because I’m more detail-oriented than I ever was and as such, I worry about everything.

Jumping back to today’s stress..the frigg’n Ontario Elections for 2014. Who did you vote? I’m sorry but I might have to hate for you if your vote went to Hudak (PC Party). I work in healthcare and I’m not afraid to say this, “I want my fucking job so I preferred to not be fired.” Anyhow a few hours until we find out the results..good luck fellow pension friends lols. Pocahontas’ pout below expresses how I feel about life lols.



2 thoughts on “2014 – Updates on my blog and Who I am

  1. I was trying to find reviews on Deer Garden and found your blog.. read a few restaurants review..
    I just have to say.. i fucking love your comments. Good job!! So please continue!!
    I believe we have common taste buds too.. so will visit again (like.. tmr) =D

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