So this weekend is absolutely gorgeous and I’m here at work lols.  It was awful for me because the highways were closed and my bus had to take a detour by driving local to reach downtown.  Anyhow it was a nightmare and my shoe came off while running.  As we move on to brighter and better things, we take a look at brunch menus uptown in the Richmond Hill area.

IL Fornello
8851 Yonge St, Richmond Hill
L4C 0L5

Contrary to what I expected, the waitresses were average. When we first came in there was only one group ahead of us so we waited until the front staff came to greet us. But instead she attended to another group that came AFTER us but that family was very well-mannered and pointed out we were first. Waitress did not offer an apology and just walked us to an empty table (she was either dumb, biased, or just dumbass lol). Anyhow the waitress that came afterwards was fine but took forever with the bill because she was stuck on the POS system or whatever. Needless to say we only gave 13% in tips, perhaps it should have been less.

Just wanted to point out that the restaurant looks really nice from both the outside and the inside. Surprisingly, it was quite empty for a warm Sunday afternoon which makes me wonder if this place will run out of business soon lols.


My BF was really impressed with the food and btw, we had chosen to do a brunch buffet. The cost is approximately $17-19 per person, I already forgot exactly how much. Anyhow, I actually couldn’t try everything that was offered but the varieties do spread out across 2 tables. At first glance, it seems like we don’t have much to choose from but once you start eating you will realize that this is not bad at all. I felt that $15/person would be more fair but I will give it to them that each entree was made hot and ready. Anyhow these are my recommendations:
– the soup (I drank like 4 bowls)
– the pasta (my boyfriend suggested this)
– the mussels (wtf, who serves mussels, they are going to lose money lol)
– spaghetti
– the pizza (contrary to what you believe, IL Fornello offers better pizza than pasta in their regular menus)




My score: 8.3/10
It deserves: 8.2/10

Il Fornello on Urbanspoon

Honestly not a bad place for brunch especially when we are looking for uptown restaurants. I felt that the waitresses could have done a much better job given their lack of customers but the food justifies the visit. Pricing-wise, take it down a notch and I’ll come back even more often. And yes, this is worth a second visit.


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