Fuck my life literally. I feel like I do well at work for three days then I screw up for nine days. It’s like a curse. You just can’t be happy can you? Humans will never be satisfied with what they have. Did I mention that the weather is immensely hot? I never complained about temperatures between -5 to 5 degrees. In fact, anything between 5-15 is fabulous…and why can’t we have that forever? I asked my friend how to not give a fuck because apparently he excels in that aspect of life. He gave me this advice:

Step 1: Have fucks
Step 2: Don’t give them out

I thought about that comment and said, “You have a nice life philosophy.” Then our conversation continued…

“I will need to collect some fucks first.”
And then he ended up being the god of advice, “Realize that all your emotions are a choice”

Anyhow 1-2 months ago we went to this Korean restaurant on Highway 7. It was a bit more expensive than the ones in First Markham Place and Korea Town but damn, I think we found something amazing in the city of Richmond Hill.

Ho Shin Tang
(905) 707-6983
328 Hwy 7 East, Unit 1 Richmond Hill, ON L4B1A1

The lady is good at selling her food but is like a snail in service. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to say she’s slow because really other than ordering and delivering…she doesn’t do much. Service is at your average asian level. She really doesn’t give a shit and unfortunately food takes forever to come. The only positive thing is that your appetizers will come fast lols.

Apparently the owner claims her food is “organic” as in there is no MSG and everything is natural? Lols. Anyhow we ordered some noodle pot dish that is shared with 2 people. It was actually…FUCKING AMAZING. I don’t know what it had but the soup was omg delicious. I was drinking the soup (which I probably shouldn’t have drank so much of) and devoured all the glass noodles. The side dishes were like a 7/10, I have eaten better but it’s not because of reduced quality; just minimal variety. Anyhow that pot thing was too much awesome-ness. I don’t even know how to explain it but the soup ain’t diluted and you can eat different vegetables/meat in every sip. Like WTF right?




My rating: 8.6/10
It should rate as: 8.3/10

Ho Shin Tang on Urbanspoon


3 thoughts on “[Restaurant Review] Ho Shin Tang

    • You know what I don’t really remember. If you order the normal entree (the gamjatang type), it’s probably $9+. The one we ordered is supposed be shared amongst 2, I think it was probably like $19+. It’s not ridiculously pricey, just more so than the ones in First Markham Place.

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