Let me make this quick because I am super tired.  I have been at the Anime North Convention in Mississauga for the past weekend and it’s literally exhausting.

Kyoto Sushi
(905) 265-9988
3883 Rutheford Road Vaughan, ON L4L9R7

There is something wrong with restaurants in the Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Woodbridge area. They all seem to be closed on Sundays (when families are fucking off and people don’t work), and this applies to all the GOOD restaurants. But anyhow we stumbled into this Japanese restaurant and voila, let’s look at the review

Let me warn you that the food is salty and you will drink lots. I do not know if the soft drinks are refill unlimited but if you do choose to drink water, make sure you always ask for refills. The servers here aren’t very attentive but at the same time they aren’t horrible. If you are assertive, you will be served appropriately lols.

Far. LOL. Unless you live in the Vaughan area.

So we had no idea it’s all you can eat so once we sat down I’m like…fuck lols. Anyhow for 12.95 per person + 20% off, which is roughly around $11 + tax, you are paying for AYCE sushi so why not. The sushi sucks balls but I have eaten worse. The teriyaki stuff are actually decent but salty as fuck. But for the price you are paying this is honestly quite the deal. The ice cream and miso soup are actually really good. I was surprised by the soup and drank like 3 bowls. Obviously the miso soup is still produced by powder but the temperature is boiling hot and damnnn concentrated. Ice cream was great, no complaints for both the vanilla and green tea flavour. The downfall to this awesome price is that sashimi is not included. So I said the sushi sucks, why? The rice stays together and they don’t cheap out on the good stuff inside but it tasted fucking weird. It’s just not good lol. By cutting down on the sushi, you would probably enjoy the place much more.










So we definitely ordered too many rows and had like 16 pieces of sushi left. My boyfriend couldn’t handle it and had to take a shit several times. We tried to bury the rice by using the following tactics:
– stuffing a sushi in between the bowls
– splitting a sushi in half and leaving the remains on edge of dish
– stuffing our mouths with sushi and spitting them out in the washroom
– just placing the sushi inside the soup or soya sauce or WHATEVER


Is this how you eat sushi? NO. But if you want to leave food behind, you pay! Unfortunately these sushi aren’t worth even half of its original price lolllls.

My rating: 7.5/10 (Really can’t complain about its price)
What it’s worth: 7/10

Kyoto Sushi on Urbanspoon

If you are looking for cheap eats then this is the place. If you wanna try authentic sushi please stay 10km away from this restaurant lol.


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