Since I’ve been a bit down lately I thought I would talk about my happy days. Happy days = vacation days lol. So a few years ago I went to Sanrio Puroland which is like frigg’n Hello Kitty and friends heaven. And if you are asking whether this post will be girly, let me warn you, it will be unicorns in dresses flying rainbows kind of girly. So if you consider yourself to be even slightly masculine, get the heeeeeeeelllll out lols.

– I can feel my every single part of me yelling KAWAII KAWAII lols

Oh gawd, you are asking me to think about what happened 4 years ago. Anyhow if you are coming directly from the airport, just hop on a Limousine bus that is headed for Tama Center Station (approx. 2 hours). My suggestion is that you go back to your hotel, settle down, and plan 0.5 days at this place. Once you pick which day you are gonna attend Hello Kitty’s party, take the normal JR line, get off at Shinjuku, take the Keio Line that is headed for Tama Center Station. Their website actually does a very good job of explaining how this works.


Going on a weekday will save you an average of $5 USD per person, and if you go on the weekends, you will save $1 for bringing a passport lols. We just bought ours outside at the ticket counter. Depending on where you live (Toronto, New York, etc.) sometimes you might have designated travel offices that can sell you these tickets beforehand. These tickets are definitely not difficult to get so don’t fret about buying early.

Weekdays passport price:
Adult(18 years and over) – 3,300 yen = $33USD approx.
Child(3-17 years) – 2,500 yen

Holidays passport price:
Adult(18 years and over) – 3,800 yen
Child(3-17 years) – 2,700 yen


I actually don’t know what I can say about this place except that it’s Hello Kitty bursting from every direction possible. You go in and you feel angels flapping with kawai-ness all over. Since I went with my mom we didn’t attend any of the attractions and if they still have that ride where you go through tunnels, it’s extra money. I’m pretty sure we didn’t stay there for more than 2 hours but it’s an amazing place to take photos. I honestly felt under-dressed lols. My suggestion: do not eat the food there. You can pay the same amount of money anywhere in Tokyo to get better shit. If it’s still around, there is a place where you can ring a bell which wishes good fortune (or love perhaps?). I’m just going to show you the photos I took from a while back and you be the judge as to whether or not it’s worth a visit.


Totally forgot to take the men’s sign.



This looks more like Snow White or Cinderella.



Charlie and the candy factory? lols


I’ll dance if you turn me back to 20 years ago.


I was effing mad when this was closed off.  I demanded my Hello Kitty queen.


And now…we eat outside



Btw for those of you who don’t know what “kawaii” means, it literally stands for cute.  Japanese people will sometimes go that item is so “kawaii”.  So in English, we can identify it as an adjective for nouns (objects, people, and sometimes places).  If we want to take the word further, we can dive into Avril Lavigne’s new music video which has caused a shitload of controversy.  In this context, kawaii has turned into a rock sound/symbol lols.  So Avril Lavigne released this video recently and got lots of criticisms for making fun of the Japanese culture.  She called someone fat or something in the video and totally ruined her own image by dressing like some goth Hello Kitty.  Let’s be honest, any other Japanese video would find this music video watered down so for those who are freaking out, Avril has not insulted anyone.  Her music used to be pretty good but now her only market is in Japan which explains her sudden change in style lols.


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