Welcome to 2014’s May long weekend.  While most of you are on a nice trip I’m here in Toronto just chilling and relaxing (which is not as exciting but pretty cool).  It is sometimes difficult to find a nice Italian restaurant up in China Town #2 aka Markham because everything that is good are of Asian cuisine but today we found a special place.

Smash Kitchen and Bar
(905) 940-2000
4261 highway 7 east Markham, ON L3R1L5

Great service. Well nothing out of the ordinary but waiters were observant, quick to order, and knew how to pour their beer (e.g. knowing to completely invert a Guiness can – the ones with the balls inside lols). We actually made a reservation today and they sat us at a really really nice booth (it curves ooooh). Right before we went into the restaurant (reservation at 6:30pm), we were a bit skeptical because there weren’t any cars parked outside or very few. Some guy passed by us and asked if it was our first time; oddly enough he pointed out to us that he was a “regular” and claimed it would be a spectacular experience. With that, we entered the place and was wow’ed immediately. Why?


Decor and location:
The location itself is in a plaza near Highway 7 and Warden. If you google the place you would be confused because it says Animal Hospital but it really is beside that lols. Don’t worry though because if you find yourself turning into a plaza with UPS and some Japanese AYCE restaurant, this is certainly the place. The restaurant may be difficult to pinpoint at first but try to find the corner of this plaza (near the middle) and voila! Once we opened the door to this restaurant it was damn nice. High class, modern, and hip?

So let’s get right into the food. It really wasn’t busy for a long weekend but hey it’s Sunday right? Anyhow the food came within 10 minutes of our orders and honestly we weren’t prepared lols.


I ordered the chocolate milkshake which runs down really smooth and has so much flavour. I couldn’t finish mine and asked my bf to help. The only thing is during your last few sips, it will taste more like whip cream than milkshake lol. I’d like to try the vanilla another day. For $5, you can’t go wrong.


Buttermilk Fried Chicken
The chicken is PERFECT. The skin is slight crisp while the chicken meat is soft and tender but rough enough to stay together. It is seriously irresistible. There isn’t a lot of corn but it tastes like BBQ sauce with another tint of sweetness. My bf thought it was okay but I loved it. I think there was also mashed potatoes on the side but I never got a chance to eat it. This btw was $19.


Pride of Nova Scotia – Pizza
I really like PIZZA PIZZA but we all know how unhealthy that is; super greasy, super cheesy, and super fattening. This restaurant offers pizza that has super thin crust and not that much oil/cheese. It’s interesting how the cheese is cut in slices and is lightly placed on top of the main ingredients. The whole thing is unique to look at, mediocre in taste, but a bit difficult to keep together. I couldn’t finish the whole thing so for $19 it really is good for 2 meals. Other than aesthetics, the pizza itself is a little forgettable. I would prefer the lobster to be in bigger chunks (lol) because I couldn’t really taste the “Nova Scotia” in this meal =/

Overall this restaurant is very likeable. The decor is nice, service is great, food was solid, but prices were a tad bit on the high side. For Markham, this restaurant is a great addition to comfort food but place this in Toronto and it would be swallowed up by the great delights located on King Street West. It seems to be doing okay but if the prices were to be lowered, I’d recommend my friends for a visit.

My rating: 8.4/10
It is worth: 8/10

Smash Kitchen and Bar on Urbanspoon


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