Oh wow what a nice sunny day. For the first weekend ever, Toronto boasts bright sunshine and warm weather. Come back to Canada my Chinese travelers, it is now normal lols. I have reviewed Guu in the past but that was for their store in Vancouver. We now take a look at their second store in Toronto which still receives a lot of popularity despite the rising competition from new Japanese restaurants.

Why server..why did you have to screw my day over? From beginning to ALMOST the end you were fine. You had some difficulty identifying what each dish tastes like but I gave you a pass. In fact I want to note that the menus DO NOT have pictures so other than googling the images you really won’t know how big/small it is or what it will taste like. As a server, he should have been able to give me more detail but hey it’s fine. Anyhow he was fast with the orders and attended to our requests. It would have been better if he asked us for refills during our time there and not at the end lols. Anyhow decent service, no complaints. That is until the bill came and I was paying by credit card. So most of you know that with credit card machines there usually is an option to choose between entering in your own tip (by value) or by percentage. 50% of the machines I have used will not give a default value of like 5, 10, or 15 but the others will. If you go out a lot you will know that on average Asian companies expect 10% tips whereas Western ones are looking at 13-15% before tax (this is debatable). As a courtesy, I always calculate my tips AFTER tax and the machines actually calculate it AFTER as well (how devious lols). So for GUU, they had the nerve to put the default tip % amount as 18. I was in awe. Like c’mon, I have been to Jacobs, I have been to some truly fine dining restaurants but I haven’t seen that number since I was in New York (US expects 18% tips as a minimum). Anyhow I pressed the OTHER button and typed in 15%. There was nothing bad about our server or the service in general but it DEFINITELY did not deserve 18%. Places that we have paid 18% is like steakhouses or like summerlicious/winterlicious types. At GUU, no. Anyhow the waiter thanked me but it seemed like he was giving me stares and was talking to his manager. I have no idea if it was about my lack of tip % but to see 18% as a default number on the machine……that is not cool. I wanted to add here that in Japan it is not mandatory and considered unnecessary to leave tips. We were chased down by the waitress after leaving tips in Tokyo.

Please don’t drive down to eat here. It’s an absolute mess and street parking has designated times. Just park at a TTC station or MAYBE find a nearby Green P.

Here we talk about the food and I’m going to be describing each dish in detail as they differ a lot.


Gyu Capaccio (~$7) is a really popular dish here; it’s lightly seared marbled beef sashimi with ponzu sauce, wasabi mayo and garlic chips.


So I wanted to add that they have a paper menu which represents the “specials”. This is the bibimbap that we ordered and it’s covered in thick white sauce. It is the best dish we ordered today frankly because there was so much flavour in it. Not too salty and had enough stuff in it to make it more than the normal rice. Unlike the normal Korean Bibambip it is not spicy at all.


The chicken wings were meh. Nothing bad about it. It’s just small and had a soya sauce taste. Best to skip it next time


Brie Cheese is LIKE HEAVEN’S GIFT TO EARTH. Anyhow not sure why but in this location the food isn’t as “hot”. Still amazing especially when you dip the pieces into the their mango sauce but didn’t feel like their top dish.


Okay the sesame ice cream is A MUST TRY. I have to say that they are super stingy on the size of that ice cream. I think I had like 2-3 bites (shared with bf) and was like..okay it’s gone. The other stuff that comes with it like the balls and what not are great too (FILLING!)


My boyfriend said the beer was good (on draft).


My Rating: 8.4/10
It should rate as: 8.8/10

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2 thoughts on “[Restaurant Review] Guu Sakabar

  1. 18%??? no one tips 18% come on.
    Actually I do take out these days so I save the tip but in a restaurant with service AND if the service is good I put around 13% because as you said they rip you off an tip on tax anyway
    Anyway better to do take out these days
    good review tho

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