Most of you have probably heard of JOEY and if not don’t worry because I’m going to talk about this restaurant in detail!  First of all, JOEY is a chain restaurant serving food like burgers, salads, steak, and pasta.  To keep it short, it’s a place where you can eat anything and drink whatever in their fancy bar.  When we look to compare prices, I’d say it’s one step higher than Moxie’s (and 2 steps higher than Boston Pizza).  So although you know coming here would give you plenty of choices you are also forking out significantly more money.

JOEY Markville
(905) 604-5639
5000 Hwy 7 East Markham, ON L3R4M9

Oh gawd where do I even begin?  Let me be clear I’ve been to many JOEY locations in Toronto and this has to be the worst one.  My first experience was in booking for a party of 10.  It was fine that they couldn’t give me an answer but fast forward 1-2 days they didn’t bother to call back.  And wow, they didn’t even have the space!  What really kills me is that this location is always busy and I never understand why.  If you go to yelp.ca you will see that everyone complains about this place’s service.

Anyhow I gave it another chance but frankly the other JOEY locations didn’t disappoint me.  In the beginning everything was okay and the waitresses tended to our needs.  After our meals were settled and we were busy eating I noticed that nobody cared about us.  This waitress forgot about my napkins and I had to follow-up with someone else.  They never bothered to ask if we needed more water either.  Service still pretty bad considering the amount of money we are paying.

Great place to start a restaurant because Markville Mall is super busy.  I actually go to the goodlife there and I can never ever find decent parking!

The food is honestly pretty good.  The portions are gigantic and although the burgers are always above $12, you are going to be stuffed.  My friend ordered a really unique burger where the veggies act as the buns covering the meat!  The trick is not to stretch your mouth out of proportions but to use your knife and cut the burger in half.  While you cut this delicious burger in half, make sure you press down!  They give you lots of fries as well.  Nothing is mind-blowing but it meets my expectations.



My rating: 7.6/10
What it deserves: 7.2/10

JOEY Markville on Urbanspoon

There is nothing wrong with the food but for such a classy restaurant one would expect that the service is superior.  As we all know, JOEY offers subpar serice which is so disappointing.  I feel that customers are ripped off due to their pricey menus and really they make a bad rep for the rest of JOEY locations.  Please pass this location and try the one beside Eatons or even the one at Shops at Don Mills.


2 thoughts on “[Restaurant Review] Joey @ Markville Mall

  1. Given that service I trust you did not tip.
    Now a question: are the waitresses at this location sexy and cute like other locations or is it downgraded? honestly, I go to Joey because of the food and the girls but I also know that many restaurants downgrade their formula for the suburbs. Thanks

    • Unless they throw food in my face, I always tip lol – just not 20%. I actually found the waitresses pretty cute. But if u want a seat, make sure you reserve beforehand.

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