Have you heard of Japanese-style pasta? Well I haven’t until I tried out this restaurant in Toronto (or maybe borderline Markham). I am not sure if my meals in Japan count but I was eating pasta made by the Japanese…hence Japanese style pasta =p I know, stupid reference haha. Anyhow let’s look at what this restaurant has to offer and why it scores 90% on urbanspoon!

Shiso Tree Cafe
(905) 479-9319
3160 Steeles Ave. East – Unit 1
Markham, ON L3R4G9

Really petite restaurant that doesn’t seat too many parties. Most tables are suited for groups of 2-4. So make sure you book ahead if you are heading over with 4+ individuals. The waitresses are really nice there and typically they have 2-3 staff working and trust me that’s enough.

Usually there is enough parking for everyone and if you can’t find a spot, make sure you search in the back as well. It is also easily accessible by TTC (it is on steeles).



Let’s talk about THE MEAT OF THIS POST. The pasta is so unique because the sauce isn’t your normal tomato or pesto or italian type. You actually get to taste the savoury style that is expressed in Japanese cuisine; from soya-based to okonomiyaki pancake (WHAT? It’s mixed with Japanese mayo, bacon and onions). And if you have the stomach, ORDER THE EFFING FRIES because the same sauce on the pasta is now ON THE FRIES. It’s literally FAT HEAVEN on fries lols. Most of the time you do get a salad before the entree regardless whether or not you have ordered a combo. Trust me without the combo, this is still very filling.

My rating: 9/10
It is worth: 8.8/10

Shiso Tree Cafe on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “[Restaurant Review] Shiso Tree Cafe

  1. Actually this type of pasta is more Hong Kong style than Japanese
    It is famous in HK
    the owner of this café is also Chinese
    If you like this try Blue Ocean – same food but better price

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