Vietnamese food are usually cheap, right? Well this restaurant leans towards the higher-end of Vietnamese food but don’t worry it is still cheap “enough”.

Banh Mi Boys
(416) 977-0303
399 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M5B1S9

It’s like a 7 minute walk from Eatons Centre and possibly less than 5 minutes for students who go to Ryerson University. Great location? You bet! I’d say the closest TTC subway station is Dundas so if you are planning to go downtown, give this baby a try.

It’s not the type of restaurant where you order and sit to be served. You basically place your order at the front, wait in line along the side, grab it once your name is called, and either do take-out or quickly munch down your sandwich in the limited tables that they offer. It’s definitely not fine dining and serves the purpose of “fast food”. I think 40% of the customers actually do take-out and gosh I need to tell you about my experience which will follow after the food section.


I actually only tried the steam baos (or buns) and the poutine. They have a very small menu consisting of appetizers, long buns, and steamed buns. It’s absolutely great for lunch because their motive is to prep fast-food. The steamed baos aren’t HOT like you think but prepared warm. The kick here is their fillings and shit you gotta try the FIVE SPICE PORK BELLY because it’s delicious. So like I said when you first take a bite you are eating the edges of your warm white steamed bun but as you dive deeper into the core, you are digesting this fatty seasoned pork belly that is HOT, JUICY, and absolutely filled with flavour. You can actually order their secret menu item also known as the “Club Bao” which includes 2 ingredients for $2-3 more the original bao price. For the sides, I’d recommend kim chi fries. Now if you can’t handle spicy you might want to grab some water bottles. It’s absolutely filling and can easily be shared with 2 other friends. For us, we shared 2 buns and 1 box of kim chi fries for the 3 of us. I’d say one more bun would have filled us up but we were satisfied =)

The story on take-out…
If you want a comfy place to sit, order a take-out and grab yourselves a seat either at the food court above the theatre or right underground in Eaton’s Centre. I was heading to a concert at the ACC and thought it was a good idea to buy take-out. Nope. The problem was I ordered too much stuff. As I walked from the restaurant to the subway station I realized that the oil had dripped from the bag and on my jacket (my fucking canada goose jacket). Usually this would be okay cause I could drop it on a table (if I was in a food court) and rinse it off. Nope that was just the start. I had to go on the subway packed with all sorts of shit (this is 5pm people) then go to Union station. If you are ordering take-out, get LOTS OF NAPKINS to line the base or better yet ask them for another bag. What’s even better is bring a plastic bag yourself because they only offer paper ones. Anyhow, the food still tasted good so what is there to complain about?

My rating: 8.8/10
It deserves: 8.5/10

Banh Mi Boys on Urbanspoon

Btw I’m not sure why the new location has such mediocre ratings on Urbanspoon but you if google search their first location, its rating is booming!


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