I actually use a fair amount of beauty products, but less on make-up and more on cleansing shit.  Anyhow I really love Biotherm and most likely it’s because their products smell so good.  I like how they represent calm spring waters or something similar.  For example, Clinique products just smell like shit coming straight out from a lab whereas Biotherm gives you this calm feeling.  Anyhow that doesn’t say much.  Let’s dive into this product.

How it looks:
I only received a sample but it usually comes in a squeeze container type.  I’d recommend trying a sample for everything before you buy.

It’s like around $40 approximately in CDN.

How it works:
1. Wet your face
2. Apply a thick layer all over the face (try rubbing a bunch on your hands first)
3. Wait 10 minutes
4. Remove excess afterwards with a cotton pad

– hydrates your skin = CHECK!
– dewy feeling or rosy glow = CHECK!
– detoxify = not sure if it is working lol
– moisturizers = CHECK!

It feels refreshing after you put it on and with a tint of oil-liness lols.  I wasn’t expecting it to to be so thin.  I thought at first that it would be some thick layer or mud-consistency stuff and that it would harden up.  My bad, it is actually gel and applies like a moisturizer or even cleanser.  It definitely feels weird to leave it on my face but thankfully only for 10 minutes.  It actually does everything it’s supposed to do but I’m guessing this product isn’t for me. First of all, if I want to moisturize I’d just apply cream and not spend the time to put on a frigg’n mask beforehand. I can see this mask being very useful during harsh and dry winters. But for someone who rarely has time to even put make-up on, this is a no-no for me. It’s difficult for me to rate this product because it really does what it’s supposed to be but was not useful for me.


Since it’s my first time rating cosmetic products…let’s look at this system

Would I buy it? No
Would I recommend it to others? No
Who should buy it? People who have too much time on their hands and live in the Northern hemisphere. Not trying to be mean but this is a bit overkill for most of us. But if you want super glowing skin then do give this a try.


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