I am usually fucking busy and today I am a bit chill.  Maybe this is the calm before the storm, aka FRIDAY DOOMSDAY.  Anyhow ANOTHER EFFING ramen place review.  Are you ready?  This one will be worth your time people.

Sansotei Ramen
(647) 748-3833
179 Dundas St West
Toronto, ON M5G1Z8

I honestly don’t even know if this matters.  Ramen places are go in, get the fuck out.  You just place your order and someone will bring you the noodle bowl.  Nothing bad about this place and your food gets prepared within 10 minutes.  Bam, bam, bam lols.

The wait IS UNBEARABLE lols.  Fortunately I made my friend go there 20 minutes before to grab seats.  We were a bit lucky because I know they won’t seat you unless the whole party is here.  Since the line was still short when he went (right at 12:00 on Thursday) it was okay.  When I arrived at 12:30, the line was already building up.  I’m not sure if you can reserve a table (probably not), so MAKE SURE someone is waiting while the rest of the crew are nearby.

HANDS DOWN BEST RAMEN IN TORONTO.  Look, I’ve tried a lot of ramen places (Ajisen, Kinton, Santouka, Momofuku, Kenzo, and a whole bunch that aren’t worth mentioning) but this IS THE SHIT.  Sansotei doesn’t win Santouka (probably 2nd place) by a lot but it’s still better.  To begin, the broth is fucking amazing.  It’s not diluted or salty and you feel the richness with every sip.  They gave you TWO eggs, I think Kinton gives you one.  I think Kinton’s egg was a little better but Sansotei serves up a good yolky egg.  You know what I like best right?  How the yolk appears as if it will jump out of its hole any minute now but just wobbles around as if it’s dying to be eaten.  Once you bite into it, damn….YOLK OVERFLOW.  Anyhow you get to choose between thin and thick noodles, I opted for the thin which seemed to be the right choice.  They give you like 3-4 pieces of meat which is bang for the buck!  Did I mention that I ATE EVERY SINGLE NOODLE?



Now, none of these Toronto ramen places can ever replace the taste of true Japan-made noodles.  But Sansotei…that’s as close as you can get.

My rating: 9/10 (I got to seat at a booth, there is only like 2 booths lol)
Others would rate: 8.8/10 (probably annoyed by wait and tight seating)

Sansotei Ramen on Urbanspoon


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