With so many Japanese restaurants in Toronto, I always feel an obligation to try each and every store. The problem is, what if it stucks? Up north around Yonge and Elgin Mills we have a petite Japanese restaurant that serves excellent sushi.

Mi•Ne Japanese Restaurant
(905) 883-6616
10815 Yonge St
Richmond Hill, ON

Great job. The lady usually arranges the booths for groups who make a reservation beforehand. They are very polite and are prompt with orders. My boyfriend had a complaint that they only asked to refill our tea once in the beginning. Meh, guess it’s 8/10 for the rating?

It might take you a while to locate this restaurant so make sure you google map it before driving. There are sufficient parking spaces and I recommend backing in to the spot =p


Good gracious they have the best udon in the uptown area. It’s gigantic, filled in a stone pot (which keeps it hot), and so tasty. The noodles are effing smooth and did I mention that the soup is addictive? I mean I’m sure there’s MSG in that broth but shit, the portion can fill 2 individuals. As for the sushi, top-notch! They are definitely not cheap but each sushi is packed tight and it’s not just the rice that you see. You actually taste the fillings and they are asetheticly pleaseing. Ummm for the eyes and mouth. Unfortunately they added some 1 hour limit thing for seating but I think we stayed a little more than 60 minutes. It’s actually our third time here and I’d recommend the love boat if you want try a mix of sashimi and sushi.




My rating: 8.7/10
It deserves: 8.8/10

Mi•Ne Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

The little differences lol. Great place but a little pricey.


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