I see that my ranking on Urbanspoon is falling so I’ve decided to upload more restaurant review posts.  Perhaps some of you actually miss my posts on random topics but they will come…don’t you worry lol.  Anyhow I attended a birthday brunch the past weekend at the west end of Downtown Toronto.  Lakeview Restaurant caters to people who have a damn good appetite.  Why?  Their portions are huge and everything is greasy as fuck, though extremely delicious lols.

The Lakeview Restaurant
(416) 850-8886
Little Italy/Portugal Village
1132 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M6J2Y2

If you are coming from the north or east end, take the Dundas streetcar.  Trust me, parking is not worth it lol.  But there is a parking space right across from the restaurant.

I’ve created a new section because this really shouldn’t be combined with service.  This restaurant doesn’t accept reservations and is packed literally every hour of the day.  I was late but from what my friends told me it’s at least a 15 minute wait and for larger parties…one hour?  Good luck!

I didn’t have the time to look up this restaurant before coming but my friend picked it so I’m not going do ditch. Anyhow, the service was decent after I sat down. Waiter was friendly, made jokes and wrote down all our orders. He was good at selling the food and even lured us to order drinks. But this is the kicker, he messed up my order twice. First, I ordered mushrooms and not sausage. He apologized and promptly brought it back without the toast LOL. Anyhow those 2 mistakes could be blamed on the kitchen but when we tried to get his attention to order more drinks, he was no where to be found. Once we did place an order, the drink never came. Eventually we had to go up to the front and ask for service LOL. Service rating is like 1.5/5

This is such a great restaurant for brunch which is why I’m so sad that the service rating was shockingly low. But yo, all the reviews online criticize their service so I’m not the only one. The meals come in gigantic portions but they are so yummy that your stomach will make room for everything. I ordered the standard breakfast (so boring right) and mmm their potato chips were a delight. Instead of serving fries or like those cubed potatoes, they opted for chips which is quite unique. On the other hand, the toast was very bland and he didn’t even give me jam so it was a thumbs down. Portobello mushroom is a new side for me and it tasted delicious! I like how they added a salad and of course the eggs were perfect. It was a great deal for $9.50 because I was full to the max. Everyone was really happy with their meals and I’d consider this place as a comfort food type of restaurant. I swear, half of the customers are hang-over college students lols.  I never tried my friend’s order of crab cake but … I probably wouldn’t order that if I were you.  This is not a seafood restaurant nor are we located in Vancouver so…don’t do it lols.




(This is part of the disco menu, disco fries?  My friend could not finish this.)

(I love crunchy chips lols.  Probably the sausages tasted good too, wasn’t able to take pictures of my mushrooms)

My rating: 8.2/10
How much it deserves: 7.9/10

The Lakeview Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I really think that this restaurant could get higher rating if they upped their service. Is it that difficult to remember your tables’ orders? Hey I never worked as a waitress but I’ve eaten out enough to not what horrible service means. And unfortunately this restaurant is the urban dictionary definition of that..blah.


One thought on “[Restaurant Review] Lakeview Restaurant

  1. I’ve been to this place and I loved it. The food was good and the customer service was even better. There were some mishaps too but they easily got back on track. We weren’t cranky that time we were there so we found the whole experience to be worth a second trip.

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