For those who have tried PepperLunch in places like Tokyo and Hong Kong, you will be ecstatic to know Toronto has its very own location.  Unfortunately it’s not part of the PepperLunch franchise but probably a rip-off version.  PepperLunch features a fast food restaurant concept where meat is served on a sizzling iron plate.  The point is that you can eat gourmet food in a short period of time.  I wanted to find a better video but this will do for now….

Aka Teppan
3235 Highway 7 E
Markham, ON L3R 3P9
Phone number (905) 604-4880

If you are familiar with Markham you will know that the Chinese people hang around in this mall called “First Markham Place”. Located right across Home Depot and Chapters, FMP is a tiny mall that features many Asian restaurants, amazing food court, and indoor boutiques. Only word of caution is that parking over the weekend is literally hell and I always need to park at some other plaza and walk over.

Believe it or not, the reviews you read online are all regarding horrible service. Hey, remember how I’ve told you countless times that Asians usually don’t care about service? Well what I meant is that we don’t care if you come over to ask us this, “How was the food?” But this restaurant is notorious for having ridiculously long lines and taking forever to prep their food. That’s basically the impression I got after visiting yelp. I actually visited this place on a Sunday afternoon around 2pm. It was still 80% full but there were no line-ups and the food came within an appropriate time. Our waitress was really nice and even tried to engage with us. I really can’t comment on another person’s experience but this restaurant is small and will not accommodate big parties. If you are planning to come during peak hours, please limit your group to a maximum of 4 diners.

EXCELLENT! This honestly tastes like the PepperLunch I had in HK! I’m really sorry for the picture quality but my boyfriend kept rushing me to stir the damn thing and forget about the pictures. He obviously thinks my blog is useless. When the food arrive, be sure to mix everything together so that the meat gets cooked and the yummy seasoning is mixed thoroughly. And obviously, wait for the food to cool down a bit or blow it before digesting. The stuff is SO FUCKING tasty, the meat is not too chewy and everything is like rainbows exploding on my tongue. You have corn and butter to top off your rice combo and damn, everything stays hot while you eat. It’s really a delight for your tastebuds. You can even order extra toppings such as cheese and egg to make it a wonderland party lol. It’s around $8-10 for your average rice meal (which I think could be lowered by $1) but hey, it’s worth trying right? I’ve read some reviews where they complained about the oil. Are you fucking with me? You know what kind of restaurant this is right? They even tell you that there is butter in the middle to enhance the taste. You must be out of your mind to think this is going to be a healthy lunch lols. Now I did order the two most popular dishes (supreme beef and chicken on rice) so who knows what the rest of the menu holds.


(This is the result of my boyfriend rushing me)

I am definitely going back to this location again but I’m afraid if I have to wait 1 hour (their average wait time), I’d probably lower my ratings by a lot. Honestly, don’t go during peak hours because the restaurant is too small to hold your party in waiting. Give it a try on a weekday and let me know how it goes!

My rating: 8.5/10
What it is worth: 8.1/10
(It is a bit costly and waiting could be a bitch).

Aka Teppan on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “[Restaurant Review] Aka Teppan Markham

  1. Nice post. Now I’m going to try it. Loved the bf comments haha that was hilarious. Typical boys who can’t wait a few seconds!

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