I’m sure you guys have heard of those at-home coffee making machines from brands like Keurig and Tassimo. Have you seen the one by Nespresso? Their machines are engineered in Switzerland and your coffee comes in aluminum half-spherical pods. The machine itself is retailing for approximately $300 and right now Eatons Centre is offering free samples for the next 3 weeks on Level 2 (in front of Sears and Swarovski). The experience is quite unique as customers can select their preferred pod from a touch screen app. It’s the newest machine that they are marketing here: Vertuoline. My capsule was Voltesso and I wanted it to be made as a capuccino. I’m not sure if the lady was doing it correctly but my cup was only half-filled lols. As well, she mixed everything together at the end and I’m like hmmm, seems incorrect? Apparently the milk forthing process is automatic, you just have to press a button to steam the milk etc. I’ve worked in Paintlounge previously and I’m familiar with placing a metal wand in a cup and measuring its temperature with a thermometer. I thought the cup was extremely good-looking lol (given that it’s free), and the service here beats my restaurant experience at St. Louis lol (at Fairview). They do a good job to explain their products and actually don’t urge customers to buy the machine. Their only role is to make you enjoy the moment and the drink.

My cappuccino was amazing and is actually on par with Starbucks. Now you might ask me how I rate my drinks. Honestly I’m not sure but I can tell you which stores suck at make latte/cappuccinos: Second Cup , McDonald’s, and Tim Hortons. I feel that a good drink does not require too much add-ons like sugar afterwards. At least in Starbucks, I rarely have to put in honey or sugar; they are never that bitter (mildly, yes). Also, you should be able to taste the expresso – which you can with Nespresso, so that’s a big plus! If you are looking for a drink with more milk…you want a latte =/




Anyhow I feel that Nespresso tastes better than Keurig and Tassimo. But go to Eatons and try it out!


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