Why the eff is Toronto still so cold?  I swear that all the ice from the North are melting and the earth is going bonkers.  That totally didn’t make sense but I’m sure you know what I mean.  We have global warming due to a break in the ozone layer (though I’ve read that the hole ain’t that big anymore) and there is just an overall movement of our icebergs?  Anyhow when we talk about a good night out, we would need to include our delicious chicken wings!

St. Louis Bar and Grill is a franchise chain that serves up chicken wings, ribs, and beer.  Well there is more to it but that’s what they are known for.  Their restaurants span across all of Canada though most are located within the province of Ontario.   Their website is simple and gets straight the point; nothing fancy like Spring Rolls’.

St. Louis Bar and Grill
(416) 637-9464
North York
1800 Sheppard Ave East
Toronto, ON M2J5A7
Fairview Mall

Pretty average pub stuff, looks like Boston Pizza and/or Jack Astors. You have decent seating space and the washrooms are well kept. It gets pretty fucking loud during game nights and the atmosphere is happy-go-lucky.


I wish I got that asian guy. He honestly looks super familiar..perhaps he went to my high school? Or my crush from 8 years ago? Lols. Anyhow he was so charming and even when he delivered our drinks I felt a spark. Attraction aside, even the guys in my group felt he was easy to interact with and portrayed more enthusiasm for his job lols. The girl we had was just so plain and boring, she didn’t seem very happy to be there. Girl, you aren’t working in a cafe, you are working in a pub on a hockey night. Anyhow everyone has their happy and sad days but she kept taking forever to get our orders or even our bill. I understand that for our part, not all our friends arrived on time. But when we were ready to order, she just seemed oblivious. Anyhow I didn’t give her 15% for tips (dont misunderstand, we did give tips) . Someone complained that I was being sexist here, but no, I only wanted our server to be faster.

You get about 10 wings, fries, and a dipping sauce for $12.99. Pretty average stuff once again. The wings are kind of small and can easily be engulfed within 2-3 bites. The sauces are good, they do cover the entire wing but the spicy ones were not spicy at all (e.g. Suicide). Cajun tasted cajun lols, I don’t even know what to say but you basically get what you expect. Nothing is mind-blowing and it seems like everything is safe. You don’t get negative surprises like your wing is disgustingly wet or that it’s more sour than sweet. I really like their fries and their dipping sauce. I feel like the sauce should be supplied in bigger packages because it clearly isn’t enough. Everyone gets a wet napkin too so don’t worry about touching the bathroom door knobs lols.


I don’t even know what to say about this restaurant except it’s a chicken wing kind of place LOL. Nothing wrong about this place, it’s part of a chain restaurant.

Let me categorize it…you should go here if:
– You want to spend less than $20 to eat wings, beer, and fries
– You want to watch a game
– You are going with a group of buddies/friends

You should go elsewhere if:
– You want original chicken wing sauces

My rating: 7.0/10
It deserves: 7.1/10

St. Louis Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon

This place is not bad at all but the service is worse at this location. I would recommend going to Warden and Highway 7‘s location if it’s your first time dining at St. Louis. I’ve had great service there and parking sucks at both locations so why not go for the one with less customers lols. It’s like another Boston Pizza, or your usual chain restaurants. Great place to just chill but hold back on the criticisms if you were expecting high quality dishes.


3 thoughts on “[Restaurant Review] St. Louis @ Fairview Mall

  1. I’m glad I have never come across you cuz I will never read any of your views. That was the worst review I’ve ever read. You seem to just not like the server because she’s a girl and obviously you so cheap you did’nt tip her. #ghetto

    • I didn’t give her 15% because she took too long with our orders, not because she’s a girl. Thanks for your honest comment, I’m always looking for ways to improve my reviews.

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