I was never a big macaron person. The first time I ever laid eyes on this dessert was from this drama called Zeni Geba (where the main character was caught stealing macarons because it was so delicious). Today is actually Macaron Day in Toronto and several stores have participated in this fabulous event by giving out complimentary macarons. When I say complimentary, I’m pointing at the word “FREE”. The only reason I’m bringing this up is because of a disappointing experience at Petite Thuet. Since I work downtown, the closest store was Petite Thuet and honestly their reviews weren’t so great. But hey, free macarons right?


The misfortune:
After 4:30, my friend and I met up at Eatons Centre to shop around (for like 10 minutes) before we grabbed some Starbucks drinks. Did I mention that Starbucks mailed out coupons this week? As we walked in the underground pathway (DT Toronto is so hip lols), we set foot outside and laid eyes on Petite Thuet. We had never gone there before but thought it would be neat to celebrate Macaron Day together. Outside the store, we saw posters plastered everywhere with the word “free” and “Macaron Day”. Lots of people were lining up already and our mouths were watering with every step. As I pointed to the trays of macarons, the lady said, “You know that donations are mandatory?” and left it at that. I’m like WTF in my head, I swear that donations were optional. Anyhow I pitched out some coins because she was already bagging the macaron. Later on I searched up what the deal was with mandatory donations (is that an oxymoron?) and noticed Petite Thuet as the only store giving out this requirement. Wow I GOT FURIOUS. Are you kidding me? Every store followed the rules and you start setting limitations like it’s your mother effing event. Get out. I now highly raise this question, “Where is the money going? I see big bills in there and what is the real percentage that gets kept in their pocket?” Anyways the macaron we had included a wasabi filling and it was gross. I applaud them for being adventurous but seriously, why? LOL.

Anyhow I got so angry I wrote a nasty review on Yelp. But what do you know, I wasn’t the first one to do that. And the service there is unbearable. I’ve never seen people so unhappy with their job. Even TTC workers have a better time doing their booth duties.

Petite Thuet on Urbanspoon


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