I’m suffering from bloating, anxiety, and probably acid reflux. Oh gawd, what is becoming of my young life? Anyhow I’ve been complaining a lot about my previous job and guess what? I landed a job in downtown Toronto, the centre of Canada’s universe lols. I will be working at a pretty big hospital so who knows, some of you might bump into me! But you better pray you don’t because that means you have some major health issues. Anyhow I’ve been quite nervous due to all the changes. This also means I’ll be back in Toronto permanently but living in the suburbs like most of you. Perhaps I’ll have enough money to buy a condo in downtown someday…or spend $1200+ per month renting LOL. So noodle places in uptown Toronto is hot like ramen places in downtown Toronto. The restaurant we will talk about today is called Deer Garden. There are less than 5 reviews for this place on Urban Spoon so I’m pretty sure you want my input lol.

Deer Garden
(905) 762-8828
Richmond Hill
550 Hwy 7 E Unit 108
Richmond Hill, ON

Pretty decent given that it’s a Hong Kong-styled restaurant. Nothing fancy but you get plenty of room and space between other diners. I don’t have much to say honestly lols, this is not its selling point anyways.

Mediocre at best but we shouldn’t ever rate a Chinese restaurant for its service. Why? Because they all suck lols. Now I’ve only gone on weeknights so I never had to wait but I’ve heard wait times are around 15-20 minutes during weekends. By the way it’s very common to share food in Chinese restaurants so be sure to ask for an extra bowl of two if you are going with company.

This is the part you should read about. They are famous for their fish soup base and not a joke, it’s great. The only thing I want to add is that it’s not super strong but you get many flavours to choose from and honestly for my taste buds, they filled the satisfaction. For less than $10, you are paying for a gigantic bowl of noodles and a hot drink. Side dishes can also be ordered and the only one I’ve tried is the chicken wings. So for roughly an extra of $1.25 you get 3 fried chicken wings. Did I mention they are crunchy and delicious? I’ve actually been to this place 3 times. It’s not because I love it but the location is great and the price is fair. I read one review that said the portions are small, you fucking kidding me right? We always had to do take-outs because they were SO EFFING BIG. I forgot to add that we tried a rice bowl which took a little bit longer to prepare.  It was okay, for some reason I really like the pork but wish they had more sauce for the rice lols.  Now I eat a lot but their bowls are the size of your head so like..what are you complaining about? Anyhow I have a feeling their prices are the same for lunch which I think might be overpriced at that time period. So go during dinner hours!




My mom ate the 3rd chicken wing already lol

My rating: 8.3/10
It should rate as: 8/10

Deer Garden on Urbanspoon


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